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Healthy Breakfast Cereal, 8 Free Recipes, Better Easter Basket Ideas, Help for Digestive Problems, and More in Today’s Monday Morning Mix-Up 4/7/2014

Monday coffee Good morning everyone! Let’s see what juicy info I can find for you today…

  • digestion-classIf you suffer from digestive problems, if you’re tired of running out of restaurants in a panic and dealing with the discomfort or embarrassment, or the fear of being too far from a bathroom, and all of the other issues related to digestive ailments, you’ll want to look into this online digestion class.
  • Easter is right around the corner, does anyone want to share their ideas for what put in Easter baskets? Here are my best tips:unjunked candy sm
  1. Unjunked candy or other candy I might find at the local health food store.
  2. Prayer cards, saint cards, a little pocket cross or something special like that from the Catholic store or Christian book store.
  3. Check out this huge list of NOT candy ideas from another blogger and another good list from Mama Natural that just came in as I was writing this post!
  4. Or here are more ideas from a Facebook post last year.
  5. Please tell us in the comments below what are your best ideas – help out the Bunny. :)
  • black heelsThe other day our 12 year old daughter, who loves watching Pioneer Woman on Food Network, asked if she could read the love story Ree wrote about when she met her husband. I started reading it and decided to let her get it for the Kindle, it’s such a cute story and thankfully it’s G-rated: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.
  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)


  1. Love the Pioneer Woman’s love story! I didn’t realize it is in book form now. I read it post by post on her blog years ago :)

    I couldn’t open the link to your food conversion story- maybe it’s my computer? I think I’ve read it before but would love to read it again!

  2. I’m checking out the links, but would appreciate any and all ideas for (purchaseable) dairy-free Easter basket ideas. My daughters are both allergic to dairy (pasteurized) and my mother1in-law wants to give them an Easter basket. Her thought is to fill it with things like Starburst jelly beans and peeps :/ but I’d live to find something with better ingredients I can tell her to buy. If I get the info to her by this weekend, she’ll at least try. So please share any ideas! My daughters both love milk chocolate, but since the dairy allergy, they’ve only been able to have a select few dark (even Hershey dark has dairy) items and they aren’t fans.

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