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Healing Auto-Immune Disease IS Possible — Part 2 “There’s No Need for a False Sense of Doom”


Curing Auto-Immune Diseases

For today’s post I’m going to redirect you back to the other Fibromyalgia post where the comments are hot and FULL of great information because Liz, the guest poster, has been answering every single question that comes in. Pretty cool, huh? If you or someone you know struggles with an auto-immune disease (tips there are not just for Fibro — they’d also help those with any auto-immune disorder), learn from Liz and others in the comments over there, where they’re sharing specifics on their own personal experiences that will surely be of help to you.

It gets a little interesting, too, when some are questioning Liz’s claim that people can be cured. I loved her response:

I don’t understand how anyone can say there is no cure for something that doesn’t have a known pathology. FMS is not a true disease, but rather a group of symptoms. When doctors can’t figure it out and it fits into the category of symptoms of FMS, it’s a doctor’s way of saying , “I don’t know” without having to say so. It ‘s really just a problem of doctors being limited to their scope and failing to see the body as all of it’s systems, not just the part they specialize in. There should be a network of specialties including naturopaths networked together to get to the bottom of things, but I’ve never seen a clinic like that. Many of us have heavy metal toxicity that goes undiagnosed because we get sent to a neurologist and they can’t see anything wrong with the nerves. A simple test could get to the bottom of it, and something could be done. Some of us might have thyroid/adrenal issues that get undiagnosed because standard testing looks for the wrong things (learn from these free thyroid sessions starting soon). Some of us might be simply sensitive to certain foods. Some have PTSD that drains the adrenals. There are so many things to consider that cause FMS symptoms. I never had a doctor consider any of these things before putting the FMS stamp on me. My story isn’t about false hope, it’s about digging deeper. Saying there is not cure for a group of symptoms that we don’t know the cause of is giving a false sense of doom.”

In case you’re wondering, YES, I’ve asked Liz to come back for more guest-posting once they get settled in their new home, because she’s been absolutely amazing, especially when it comes to replying to every person who asks a question in the comments. Check out the Fibromyalgia post here. :)

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  1. I am very much looking forward to the Thyroid Summit. I have been on a form of Synthroid for 16 years and once I am done nursing I really want to pursue reducing if not getting off of it. I do have simply low thyroid vs. auto immune form of thyroid disfunction for which I am grateful. At least, I think that is the better form of the two. I have a food question if I may…I have a pan of very poorly dissolved gelatin in tart cherry juice (kind of sludge with juice on top). Is there anyway to save this? It is with the Great Lakes Gelatin which makes it that much harder to throw away!

    • Hi Sarah, bummer about your gelatin! I don’t know how to save it (maybe try heating it back up and see if it will dissolve better?), but next time, just be sure to dissolve the gelatin in a small amount first, before whisking it into the whole batch.


  2. Kelly,
    When they talk about reversing diabetes are they only referring to Type II or can Type I ever be reversed? If possible, does it depend on the number of years you’ve had it?

    • I believe it is only Type II that *could* be reversed and even then I think it will depend on how much damage has been done, but if it were me, it would be worth a shot!


  3. Please share The Thyroid Summit with your readers as well. They can register at I can’t wait for that one! I will also check out the diabetes summit since many in my family are diabetic and I’d like NOT to be! Thanks for sharing!

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