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Fermented Cod Liver Oil That Tastes Like Candy?


***Please note that there have been some recent concerns about the below product. Please read more at this post, do some reading and research, and decide for yourself what is best for your family. Thank you.

The day after returning from the Wise Traditions (Weston A. Price) conference in Philadelphia last November, I videotaped our 5 year old as he tried the new ‘kid-friendly’ fermented cod liver oil flavors, and now that’s it’s available, I’m finally getting it posted so you can see what he thought:

Where to get it:

This new kid-friendly fermented cod liver oil is now available! (There may be more than one sponsor selling the fermented cod liver oil at that link.) Need a reminder on what’s so great about cod liver oil? Everyone should be taking it!

Flavor choices:

The flavors they went with after doing taste-tests were ginger, licorice, and mint. If you want another flavor, be sure to let Dave know, he listens to his customers!

Here’s what Dave said recently on his blog about the flavors:

“All three are good, and I think will be enjoyed by many. They are very easy to take. Usually I would mix the FCLO liquids in warm water to take, but the emulsified is not only easy to take but…do I dare say, enjoyable.”

I hope you’ll let us know what you or your kids think after trying this. :)


  1. Oh my goodness, your son is the cutest little guy!! I love his manners haha… what a good sport! This is my favorite post of all of them haha.

  2. We just started taking FCLO and bought the cinnamon tingle one, I don’t mind it at all but it is a battle to get my 2 year old to take it… next time we’re buying the mint !! Thanks so much for the taste testing with your son, after seeing his reaction I know it will be so much easier…. only bad thing is we have 3 unopened cinn. bottles in the fridge :-)
    Thanks for all you do, I have learned so much from your blog in the few weeks I have been a subscriber !

  3. Kelly,

    After reading a previous post about CLO I bought the mint & hoped for the best since my kids have never taken any at all and surprisingly they both don’t mind taking it. Thank goodness! I’m just starting this journey on a new way of eating and I’m so grateful for you and your site. Thank you for all you have done & continue to do!!!


    P.S. Your son was such a great sport. :)

  4. How cute. He’s so sweet!
    I want to order some cod liver oil. I’ve not had any experience with it, so I was wondering is there anything I need to be aware of? What’s emulsified? Is everything on green acres good for you? Or is there something that’s the not-as-healthy option? How much do I need to order for 2 boys and myself? Is it the best price for what you’re getting?

    • Yes, it’s the best price especially if you’re buying in bulk like I do. (Some areas have buying clubs who go together to get it cheaper.) And yes, everything on the Green Pasture site is awesome!

      Here’s more I found on the site about the flavors and the emulsified FCLO:

      “The Emulsified FCLO products are different from other emulsified products in the market today. The high level of nutrient dense FCLO included in each serving allows for small amounts to be taken with great effect. The ingredients we use are healthful such as real soluble fiber to assist the bulking of the product. The bulking/emulsified condition allows for the flavors to have a better impact on your tongue and coats the oil. Many will find the new Emulsified FCLO more pleasurable experience compared to taking real FCLO liquids we currently offer.

      The flavors are Licorice, Peppermint and Ginger. As with our other FCLO products the flavors are real essential oils and not ‘flavors’. The Ginger is Stevia-free.”

      • yikes, i didn’t do enough research before i ordered. i’m guessing the translation for “the ginger is stevia-free” is that the other flavors contain stevia. i wouldn’t have bought stevia if i’d known it was in there.

        has anyone used the flavored CLOs with kids on GAPS intro? are they legal? do the extras in the emulsified versions cause reactions on GAPS. I’m less concerned about added stuff after we get through intro…

        too many dang details to get everything right!

        • Yes, it’s OK for us, but I don’t use it here – I’ve never had good luck with it. I may not have the right kind, though.

          • I use stevia along with another sweetner usually. If I’m using another sugar, I will use about 1/2 the sugar it calls for or less then drop in some stevia to compensate. Or if I give the boys whey, I will usually drop in stevia. They like it, but I don’t.

  5. That was so sweet! I enjoyed watching..I might have to give that flavor a try. They did not like the cinnamon tingle at ALL! 😉

  6. Is there any chance we can get a promotion code for this? I really want to order some but I’m running low on my supplement budget. :(

  7. too cute!
    Good job. If he says it tastes like candy, this may be the one for Madeline. Looks like I need a bottle of the kids mint. Do you have it or should I order?
    God bless.

  8. I have been taking green pastures CLO for many years. If you add some warm water, its not that bad. I don’t even notice the taste anymore.

    The addition of a sweetener like stevia and the emulsification process concerns me. I do not know what effect, if any, it has on the oil.

    Kelly, your son looks like such a happy, healthy boy. Congratulations for a super job of mothering!

  9. Thanks, Kelly! I’m so glad you posted this. My two-year-old pretty extensive tooth decay in her four front top teeth, sadly, and I’ve been trying to implement what I’ve found, nutritionally, that can help her (and would be good for my 4-year-old, too). I really don’t want her to have to undergo baby root canals!!! I bought Blue Ice’s fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend, in chocolate cream, but the fishy taste was still so strong that all three of us gagged on it. I pretended I liked it and swallowed it quickly with a glass of milk (but really almost hurled), but both kids gagged and spit it out, crying about the taste left in their mouth even after they spit it out. Yikes. That was a big waste. I have the butter oil, separate, which I sneak into a lot of their foods, and I give them the Oceans Kids DHA chewables, which they love, but I’d love to be able to give them the fermented cod liver oil with the vitamins A & D in it. So, I’m definitely going to order this new version in mint and I REALLY hope they’ll like it. I’m looking forward to trying it!

  10. Your son is absolutely adorable. I tried the chocolate flavor a while back, and it was horrible – like chocolate flavored sardines. I’ve been taking the pills since, but given your son’s recommendation, I may just have to try some of the “candy” when I order next.

  11. He is precious and what a sweetheart! You can tell he loves his mama. I plan to order the new mint for my picky kids.

  12. What a cutie! I have been trying to get my kids to take it straight from a spoon but they refuse (instead I think they are being tortured longer as I mix it in a small smoothy) … seeing your son might do the trick! Thanks!

  13. I have been waiting to get a chance to get on the laptop so I could see the video! I can’t watch it from my Crackberry. Oh…my…heck! He is adorable! You sure make gorgeous kids! I have been thinking of the FCLO rather than plain but the price for ten kids worth has my financial planner husband fainting! I’ll have to sit down and see how I can swing it.

    And thanks for the video because I was thinking about the ginger flavor. I’ll have to make that the mint!

  14. Ha! Kelly, that video was worth the wait. Hilarious….the facial expressions of kids are just so real….I need to find a place around me to get this stuff, I’ve never heard of it until reading this!

  15. Such a great video!

    What is the dosage of the emulsified? It seems like you take a smaller dose. Is that right?

    Thank you!

    • We just got it in the mail today. They kinda liked it, but seemed to have a mixed reaction. But they didn’t spit it out! They didn’t take too much, but they definitely had a better reaction than they did to the chocolate sardine flavor that I’d tried previously! Hopefully I can get them to take this every day…

      • Oh, and it says the dosage is 3/4 teaspoon. My kids only took about 1/4 teaspoon, though, as that’s all I could get them to take at once the first time…but we’ll try for more next time. They are 2 and 4, just in case that helps to know.

        • I’d keep giving them a small amount for a few days as long as they’re taking it and try a little more at a time!

  16. I happened to be watching this when my 4-year-old son walked by and finished it with me. It was so great for him to see another child taking clo! None of the children we know take any, so that was pretty great.

    Now he keeps asking me why your son said it tastes like candy. He’s a bit confused and very intrigued! I’ve promised him we’ll get the peppermint next time around :)

  17. I’m wondering about the dosage of this vs the regular FCLO. Is 3/4 tsp new flavor = 2 ml old flavor nutrient wise? Since the different products aren’t consistent with their dosage information (the “dosage” on the capsules is less – about half – than the dosage on the regular FCLO), it’s hard for me to tell how much to take since the label no longer includes any information on vitamins, how much CLO is included in the dose, etc.

    So, as a nursing mamma, in order to get the WAP recommended 20,000 vit A, how much of this would I need to take? I think the dosage for the regular FCLO is 10 ml or 2 tsp? I’ve been trying to take 10 ml a day. The equivalent is 20 capsules, right? Would I need to take 3.75 tsp of these new ones?

    • Rebecca,

      Sorry I’m just now getting back with you, I was waiting to hear back from Dave at Green Pasture.

      Here’s what he said, “Most take 1/2 to 1 tsp per day. When under stress then some will take 1-2 tsp per day. Dave”

      I know, not as much info as I like either, but I do think he’s in a tough spot because this is a food, not a supplement, and he can get in trouble for crossing the line and saying to take a certain amount as if it was a pharmaceutical.

      I asked for Sarah’s opinion ( and here were her thoughts:

      “When I have seen his presentations, the fclo has 3000 IU of vitamin D per tsp, so 2/3 tsp per day would meet the WAPF requirements for a pregnant or nursing mother. That being said, I personally take more (1 2/3 tsp per day ) as I am under stress and want 5000 IU of D per day.

      It is not hard and fast rules with the fclo.”

      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Kelly! It doesn’t really, unfortunately.

        Which flavor was Sarah referencing when she mentioned the data from his presentations?

        Maybe I’ll email him myself. These new flavors taste better, partially b/c (in my understanding) there’s less FCLO in them, right? And nowhere on the label does he state how much FCLO (vs other ingredients) is in each recommended serving. Especially since 1 serving of the caps is not equal to 1 serving of the old liquid flavors. So I just don’t know if 1 serving of the new flavors equals one serving of the old.

        So I guess I’m still very confused. Ah well.

        • You bring up some good points. I’d suggest calling him with your pen and paper handy and your questions ready, otherwise he’s known for very short answers in emails! If you have time to do this, I’d love to hear what you learn. (Thank you! I don’t have time to do this as my upcoming week is nuts…)


  18. What a cutie pie! I love it how he shivers when he takes it. “I want more cause I wiked it!” Thanks for sharing this!

  19. Kel, I’m still a little on the fence about FCLO (I KNOW, WHAT am I WAITING FOR? :>)) but I wanted to go check it out… however I can’t figure out how to get to GP from your link above. I don’t see it in the supplement section. If I do decide to order, I want *someone* to get an affiliate kickback! :>)

  20. We’ve been doing the FCLO/BO blend, but I just ordered several of the mint emulsified CLO per your son’s recommendation. My kids are excited to try it! :)

  21. We’ve been doing the FCLO/BO blend, but I just ordered several of the mint emulsified FCLO per your son’s recommendation. My kids are excited to try it! :)

  22. I saw this post last night circulating on FB. I was so excited to read this and was getting ready to place my order for the peppermint emulsified FCLO (since I can’t get my daughter to take any of the other regular FCLO flavors, we’ve spent a lot of $ trying different flavors to fail every time). Anyway, I was very disappointed to read in the full ingredients list (“click here for full information”) that they use vegetable glycerin. :( I’m confused as to why they use this since vegetable glycerin is NOT recommended by either WAPF or Ramiel Nagel of “Cure Tooth Decay” and both say that it is VERY bad for your teeth. Both WAPF and Ramiel Nagel of “Cure Tooth Decay” recommend Green Pasture and FCLO (and they both say taking it is a must if you have dental problems) so I was more than shocked to read that vegetable glycerin was an ingredient. I’m not sure what to do, since we are working on healing my daughter’s teeth, I feel like FLCO is so important, but my intuition tells me not to buy the emulsified because the vegetable glycerin could be detrimental to her teeth.

      • Thanks! I did. He said there is no other way for them to make it. :( Bummer. I’ve tried so many different ways to get my little one to take the FCLO but she just won’t. I’ll just have to keep trying.

        • If I am thinking right, the reason vegetable glycerine is mainly as an ingredient in most toothpastes. Glycerine sticks to the teeth for many days and makes the teeth unable to remineralize. I would think, then, that taking it orally in capsule form should be fine as it’s not being placed on the teeth. I could be missing something, but this is my understanding and rationalization.

          • Yep, you’re right on. That’s what Ramiel Nagel talks about in “Cure Tooth Decay”. So that was my concern about the glycerin. Once the liquid is in your mouth, would it get on the teeth at all? We’re just going to stick with the non-flavored FCLO/HVBO for now.

        • Hi Emily, I am wondering which cod liver oil you decided to go with. Did you decide against the emulsified because of the glycerin in it? My daughter also has some tooth decay, and I am also giving her butter oil and I was just about to order some emulsified cod liver oil when I read your comment about the glycerine.

          Also, my daughter’s dentist gave her some Spry xylitol tooth gel. Do you have an opinion on the xylitol tooth products? I am not quite convinced if their safety. And I am contemplating giving her reuteri promotions because I have read that they help fight the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

          • Hi Jodie, I chose not to order the emulsified. We continue to use the non-flavored FLCO-HVBO blend. My little one does NOT like, neither do I, but we both take because we know it’s good for us. She takes it with a small amount of raw honey and then we chase it with something to drink. I would buy the emulsified in a heartbeat if there was not glycerine in it though.

            I don’t buy anything with xylitol after reading more about it in “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel. We just brush w/ water or we use Pascalite clay. Some people use coconut oil too with the clay, but my little one can have coconut, so we don’t use it, but if we could, I would use it for sure :)

            • Hi Emily, I have a small sample of the Cinnamon flavored FCLO and I my daughter has been drinking it with milk. I give her a small shot glass of milk with the FCLO mixed in and she likes it! I was told that kids like the cinnamon flavour when mixed with milk, and this seems to be true. Maybe you could try that.

              My daughter is almost 3 years old. I am a bit confused about the correct dosage of butter oil and FCLO and I am wondering what dosages you are giving your little one.

              I am also intending to try tissue salts. And we are using Eco Dent tooth powder which is supposed to help remineralise the teeth.

  23. In my experience the liquid mostly goes straight down. The little left on the tongue is easily washed down with something to drink I think. I know that the amount if natural glycerine in Castile soaps is a fine amount to use on teeth, it’s the high concentration that’s in toothpaste that’s a problem. So I guess the question is, how much glycerine are we talking about?

  24. I just got the chocolate flavor today and holy moly is it nasty! I got the caps for myself, but how am I going to get my kids to take it!? My 18 mo old son spit it out and I know my 6 yr old dd probably won’t even try it. Sigh.

  25. Thank you, Kelly!

    I will be ordering some this evening for my 11 month old. Just starting it – wish I would have sooner as I’ve recently learned the benefits!

    I’m thinking the ginger or licorice flavor. I know there are added ingredients, but I would think it is MUCH easier to get down!

  26. Hi! Your son is so cute in the video. We have been taking FCLO- cinnamon tingle, and I can get everyone to take that pretty much… I got some of the emulisified ginger, licorcie, and mint. So far, I have only opened the ginger and my kids HATE it! I tried it, and it is just SOOO gingery… We are about 1/2 through the bottle, and it seems like there is a TON of gunk at the bottom 1/3 of the bottle. So, am I supposed to be stirring this with a spoon everytime? I had been just shaking it, but I guess that doesn’t mix it enough. So, is the bottom 1/3 of the jar just wasted now? I tried some of it, and it tasted like a massive spoonful of pure ginger… are they all like that or just the ginger? Thanks for any feedback! :)

    • Hi Nicole,

      Mine did that once so I began vigorously shaking it before each serving (and leaving it at room temp on the counter) and since then it’s been fine. Hope that helps!


      • Yeah, it seems fine at room temperature. I think that is what we will do from now on. I guess I wasted the bottom of this bottle. Eww, it so terrible! I think I will just take the liquid on the top, then throw it out. I will be more careful with our next bottle :)

        Thanks! :)

    • We have gotten the mint and every single bottle has been like that and none have been refridgerated. None of the children are willing to take the thick part, so the adults take it. I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago that you are supposed to shake it. I think that will just make the whole bottle thick.
      The mint is not too minty.
      I am going to try the non emulsified version next, hoping it will be more liquid.

      • Yeah, will it make the whole bottle thick if I shake it up from the first use? Because I might just try to sell the bottles I have… The cinnamon tingle is liquidy through the whole bottle, and in my and my kids opinion tastes WAY better. But maybe I am not mixing the emulsified one the way I should.

  27. That little guy is too cute. I made my husband watch the video with me (to show him that if a 5-year old can do it he can). We don’t have any kids yet and after the video he said, “I want one.”

    • Awwww, that’s so cute! He’s almost 7 now, it’s totally a cliche, but so true that it goes way too fast. He fell asleep next to me on the couch tonight so I’m about to carry him to bed and get some good sleepy snuggles. :)

  28. Thank you for this post! Got my bottle of peppermint cod liver oil today and my 1.5 year old daughter licked and licked the spoon clean! I am so done trying to disguise the cinnamon tingle royal blend :) Thanks again!

  29. Hi Kelly,
    (Sorry if this has already been asked)
    Was the “candy” kind the Arctic Mint or Peppermint flavor? Want to make sure I get the right kind! Hoping to get my finicky 3-year old to try it. My 6-yr old is a trooper and will take any kind!

  30. So is it the peppermint that he liked, not the Arctic mint? Looks like that one is discontinued? How long ago did they re-do the cinnamon tingle? I’m wondering if we have the new one or the older one… My kids will take it, but they said when we run out they want a new flavor!!

  31. Adorable! But I think you meant when he couldn’t pronounce his initial L sound. My favorite part is how honest he was. Just great!

  32. Do they have one that’s not flavored? My son currently takes nordic naturals and it’s not flavored so I want to continue to give him an unflavored brand.

  33. For anyone still subscribed to these comments, I’m sorry for all the duplicates, something went wonky on here yesterday.


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