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Fermented Cod Liver Oil Series – Part 1: Is Fermented Cod Liver Oil Better?

***Please note that there have been some recent concerns about the below product. Please read more at this post, do some reading and research, and decide for yourself what is best for your family. Thank you.

Have you heard the buzz about fermented cod liver oil? First you may want to go to the beginning and read Cod liver oil: do we really need to take it?

(Here’s the complete index of posts about CLO)

Is Fermented Cod Liver Oil better nutritionally? Is it more expensive?

Short answers: yes it’s MUCH better nutritionally, and no, it isn’t more expensive when you take the smaller daily serving size into account.

Keep reading to find out:Infused coconut oil

(Have you read about how FCLO is my all-natural chill-pill? And how it keeps us from getting sick?!)

So what makes it so much better nutritionally?

I spoke to Dave at Green Pastures the other day and here are a few things he shared with me:

  • The fermented cod liver oil is much closer to how traditional cultures consumed cod liver oil.
  • The vitamin amounts listed on the label are just the “minimum guaranteed amounts” of vitamin A & D – there is actually much more, even more than in regular CLO, but it is still always completely safe, because it is how God provided it in nature, it is a FOOD.
  • The amounts of A & D change a lot and is hard to track it because it is a living food and is difficult to measure, unlike synthetic vitamins, when you know the exact amounts.
  • There are many more nutrients than in regular cod liver oil (which is already a superfood), and you would also be getting the benefits to your digestive system and immune system by taking in a fermented food.
  • The best way to describe the differences between regular and fermented CLO is that the fermented has a “deeper and broader range of nutrients”, including CoQ10!
  • Another HUGE issue is discussed more at this post: why I no longer recommend Carlson’s CLO capsules from iherb, and then I explain more in the comments at this post: responses to the cod liver oil bashing by Dr. Cannell & Dr. Mercola.

He explains more at his site:

  1. Fermented fish liver oils are extracted without heat but rather with natural lacto-fermentation.
  2. We select exclusively organ tissue as the source of the fermented fish oils (compared to industrial model fish oils) as this is where the nutrients are located. There is much more to fish oil nutrients than EPA and DHA. It is only because of the heavy industrialization of this industry that this field of products has nothing else to discuss but Omega 3, EPA and DHA. These nutrients will occur naturally in all fish oils including the fermented clo/skate liver oil. I think the real story is in the thousands of micro nutrients that are provided in a Fermented fish oil.
  3. Fermented liver oils are a deep rich pigment. Pigments are nutrients.
  4. The oils have a 8-9mg/g total quinone count. Butter oil is in the 23-25 mg/g range. These figures are very high! The complex of the quinones is completely different between the fish liver oils and the butter oil. Even the quinone complex between the different fish oils is unique, variety is complete nutrition. Quinones consist of nutrients such as vitamin K’s, vitamin E’s, CoQ enzymes and other known and unknown nutrients/components.
  5. Lacto-fermentation transforms natural vitamin A into different metabolites that are easily absorbed into our bodies (just as in your gut if your gut is working properly). I have found reference to at least 15 different natural forms of Vitamin A that nature provides. Not just the 2-3 that are commonly discussed.
  6. There are over 3000 derivatives of vitamin D. Many are natural and others are produced in laboratories. Not much of the vitamin D topic is understood or discussed in main stream science. Current discussions are just scratching the surface of the topic. Reminder, vitamin D is more accurately categorized as a hormone not a vitamin.
  7. At some point I would like to see the science on the effects of plant hormones and a variety of quinones as they relate to human health. Science is just starting to look at these questions.
  8. There is a difference between the processed clo and the fermented clo.
  9. It takes 6 months to 1 year to make fermented CLO. This is why it is no longer made.
  10. Fish oils have historically been fermented for extraction; back in the Roman empire days, Viking era and all the way up to the Mid 1850’s. Rendering was introduced during the mid 1850’s as a more efficient fish liver processing method. The livers yielded a much higher total oil volume and the process could be accomplished in several hours rather than several months. What they did not understand is the effects that heat had on the nutrients (their science was not ready to address this question) . As with all industrial models, the focus was on profitability, speed or turns and, marketability (taste).
  11. Economical, substantially more nutrients (including A/D) per ml or teaspoon compared to other brands.

There you have it, more info about fermented cod liver oil than you really probably cared to know. Let me know if you still have questions, or if you have already started taking the FCLO, let us know what you think of the taste!



  1. It comes in both liquid AND capsule, but liquid is MUCH less expensive, especially if you buy in bigger quantities. More about this in part 3. Also, in part 2, you can read all about how I get it down!


  2. Margie over at another post asked this question:

    “My question is if fermented cod liver oil is so much better then regular cod liver oil, if you take super doses for menorrhagia for example do you risk

  3. Thanks Kelly, I’m putting an order in today! I have researched and am fairly sure that this is the best answer. As far as some of the comments above: Fermentation in history was a common way to perserve certain foods. It is not the same as “spoiled” or rotted. It is an entirely different chemical process. It is rather amazing that Americans willingly put this incredible array of unknown chemicals (formed by unknown processes) in their mouths every day but something like this with a “known” process flips us out! The first time my mother taught me to cut up a chicken was a little gross for me but when I tried to teach my daughter it was almost more than she could handle. I realized it’s because so much of our food comes in a form that is so far beyond it’s natural state that she has hardly ever seen a raw deboned chicken breast much less a whole chicken! That fact was a wake up call for me! I realized that I was allowing more and more processed food to come in to our house.

  4. Margie,

    Isn’t that the truth?! I was the same way, and still am with a lot of things. I didn’t grow up cleaning out the cavity of birds or watching my Dad gut a deer out back. (OK, I saw that a few times, and pheasants, too, but not often enough for it to not gross me out!) So I’m trying to get over those tendencies, and it’s easier knowing how healthy these foods are for us, but if I just can’t do it – thank God Kent will! He cleans out all our birds! :) Like you, though, I need to be better about teaching my kids all that stuff. There are still a lot of things we do that are so convenient, we’re still sheltered to a big extent.


  5. Hi kelly,
    Love your blog – you have great info. Thank you.
    I just ordered the fermented Cod liver oil both the liquid and the capsules. However, I just read on Dr. Mercola’s site that he is warning people about taking cod liver oil.
    I am so confused.
    What is the truth?
    Thanks for your time –
    Here are his articles:

  6. Hi Maria,

    Don’t you hate all the conflicting info?!!! Others have asked this question recently, too. For now, I can tell you that I agree with Mercola to a point: that we shouldn’t take regular cod liver oil (see the link above about why I don’t recommend Carlson’s caps anymore), but apparently he doesn’t know about the fermented CLO that is available. I’ll do a post on all this soon…as soon as I can get it finished. Not enough time!


  7. I just received the fermented clo from green pastures two days ago. The taste is really not bad. I got the cinnamon tingle flavor, and it tastes like cinnamon tingle. My 19 month old son took is straight with no problem, and no yuck face. The second time tasted a bit fishy, I think because I didn’t drink something quick enough afterwards. I hope it helps my thyroid!

  8. Hi Kelly, I’ve been buying cod liver oil fermented capsules with a friend. Can we go in with others to get them cheaper? I’ve used the fermented oil & am willing to get that but my friend likes the capsules for her family & expense is hard for them to cope with continually. If you buy 6 or more the discount is better from Natural Health. God Bless, Linda p.s. I really appreciate what you have on this website. p.s.s Is the meeting on sausage making using pork or turkey & is it fermented, too?

  9. Hi Linda,
    Yes, you can go in with as many as you can to get the better deals!

    Sorry, don’t know about the sausage.


  10. I just have to coment that I started taking the fermented cod liver oil and the X-factor butter oil about 4 months ago. It is amazing! I am 32 with a 3,4 and 10 year old. I have not had a libido for a couple years and this has brought that back. My allergies are better. I use to get pain in my hands and now that is not as bad. I used to have pain when I would get my period, not cramps, but more pain in the pelvic floor area. I do not have that anymore. I do try my best to follow WAPF dietary guidelines, but not as good as I should and probably would benefit from the GAPS diet. I started also giving to my 4 year old first. She had a small fungal rash on her knee that I had tried various natural remedies for and within 2 weeks of taking it was gone. She usually would get sick every year with the flu or sickness lasting a couple weeks with fever, and this year she had a couple really short colds with one fever just being over night. She was fine the next day. My 3 year old has these bumps on his legs and arms that started a few months back. I started giving it to him about two weeks ago and they seem to be going away now. With that being said I am careful not to run out.

  11. Lola,
    What an awesome testimony about CLO!!!
    You might want to go to the Green Pasture site ( and let them know through the contact form what you wrote here – they always love reading the testimonies about their products, too! :)
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. I live in Hawaii, and reason that BlueIce Royal, fermented clo with Hi/vit butter oil, the best of the lot.
    Problem is, shipping for 2 bottles to Hawaii is $35.
    Is this called “biting the bullet” or is there a better way to get this good stuff to my home?
    Should I ask GP if they would consider shipping USPS?

    • Michael, perhaps you should consider becoming a wholesaler or organize a buyer’s club there in Hawaii! Green Pasture has a simple application form for that on their website (http;//

  13. mahalo Kelly!
    for the website; the Natural Health Advocates.
    they seem to ship usps priority ! yay !
    I have written to see if they carry the Blue Ice Royal.

  14. Dear Kelly,

    I’m just now hearing of fermented cod liver oil for the first time. In reading your 3 part article….I find no mention of it being heavy metal free. All ocean fish are laden with Mercury and other metals. I appreciate the fact that the fermented cod liver oil is unprocessed, but not at the expense of having heavy metals.

    Can you advise on this?

  15. Hi Cindy,

    The fermented CLO is still cleaned to be free from metals, but it’s just done differently. A “proprietary cold process extraction and cleaning method.” If you’d like to find out more details, call Dave at Green Pastures and he can explain more: (402) 858-4818. Or use this contact page ( and he’ll reply to you, although keep in mind he is famous for very short responses – you’ll get more info if you call!

    If you find out more, would you mind commenting here again?

    Thank you!

  16. Ha! How funny…..just as you wrote me that Dave at Green Pastures would respond to me but likely in “short responses”, I was opening up his email where he answered my inquiry with:
    “No heavy metals in product”.

    So he did answer. I think they should spell that stuff out though. I never even saw the words “cleaning method” in their website. There’s an old saying in the medical profession, having to do with making sure you chart everything that you do: “if it “ain’t” written down, it wasn’t done”. Applies to all advertising also, I believe.
    Never the less we finally got our answer…!

  17. Cindy, you made me laugh. Yeah, I found that quote above on the site, but it wasn’t easy. If you want more details, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind talking to you.

  18. Hi,
    How many ml’s of the fermented CLO do you take to get the WAP dose of 10,000 iu’s Vitamin A? The bottle I purchased doesn’t list the amounts and a short email response from the supplier stated that it wasn’t important as it’s a whole food. It still is important to me, as I need to work out the double dose as mentioned in the EFLF Health Recovery plan. Thanks!

  19. This is in answer to Julie who asked about the amount of vitamin a per dose. I copied this directly from Weston A Price website:

    The high-vitamin fermented cod liver oil is sold as a food so does not contain vitamin levels on the label. However, after numerous tests, the approximate values of A and D have been ascertained at 1900 IU vitamin A per mL and 390 IU vitamin D per mL. Thus 1 teaspoon of high-vitamin fermented cod liver oil contains 9500 IU vitamin A and 1950 IU vitamin D, a ratio of about 5:1.

    Based on these values, the dosage for the high-vitamin fermented cod liver oil is provided as follows:

    * Children age 3 months to 12 years: 1/2 teaspoon or 2.5 mL, providing 4650 IU vitamin A and 975 IU vitamin D.
    * Children over 12 years and adults: 1 teaspoon or 10 capsules, providing 9500 IU vitamin A and 1950 IU vitamin D.
    * Pregnant and nursing women: 2 teaspoon or 20 capsules, providing 19,000 IU vitamin A and 3900 IU vitamin D.

  20. How I take my High Vitamin Fermented Cod Liver and Butter Oil:

    I ordered the chocolate version. My first mistake was in assuming there would be no fish taste and tasting it right out of the bottle on a spoon. Basically “raw fish” with cocoa. I was sick and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for some time. It remained in my mind for even longer! So I don’t advise tasting it.

    Instead, I take 10 oz of Chocolate Hemp milk, put in one small banana, and one teaspoon of the Chocolate Fish oil. The Chocolate Hemp milk alone isn’t enough to hide the taste…the banana or lots of other fruit are key for me. I then take a stick blender to it all. If you leave some of the fish gel clumped….god help you. So blend it well.

    I don’t THINK there’s any fish taste left this way….although my mind still remembers the initial taste testing and tries to tell me otherwise!
    There is, however, a small “after-bite” after you swallow….and that’s just the inherent bite of fermentation. It’s just a sort of “ting” that you wouldn’t normally have in a milk-shake, but instead only in Sour Kraut.

    This is the only way I can do it…. Isn’t there a Lemon flavor? Might try that with plain hemp milk and lots of other fruits…..

  21. Julie,
    Cindy had great detailed info, but you can also read my comments about that in part 3 ( under where it says “one more note”.

    Cindy, I can’t imagine anything hiding that taste, honestly! I take the cinnamon and just shoot it to the back of my throat with the syringe that comes with it, and eat and drink something faster than you thought a person could. The “ICK!” taste is super duper short-lived, and I’m almost used to it now.


    • Kelly,

      I have been reading your back-logged posts… and came across this one. I am laughing because today was only day two of taking the cinnamon tingle fermented CLO and it’s SO nasty!!! I chase it with some green smoothie or raw goats milk, but gawsh this stuff is just awful. *giggle*

      Have you tried the Oslo Orange? I am not a huge fan of cinnamon flavoring so perhaps another “flavor” will suit me better. It was sold out when I purchased, so I’m going to have to toughen up to get through this bottle.

      Cheers, to our health (fish burps and all)!!!

      • Dana,
        No, I haven’t tried the orange, but some like it in OJ. I’m somewhat used to the cinnamon now!

  22. I didnt get a syringe. Maybe because mine is the Gel. Once you put it in the fridge, it becomes pretty firm. I’m thinking that a good nutritional powder, mixed with your shake would also be a good taste cover-upper. Most people use a protein mix or berry mix or green mix…. there’s tons of flavors out there. I don’t only because I refuse all soy and am unable to drink pasteurized milk or whey due to lactose intolerance. Just bought my first jug of raw goats milk today from a dairy farm in town. Drank 8 oz hours ago. No gas; no explosions; no headaches; no body swelling. Amazing…. Haven’t had milk in 11 years since my lactose intolerance came on. Apparently, and as per some naturopathic studies I’ve read, it’s actually a case of “boiled milk proteins” (pasteurization) intolerance instead!
    Sorry to get off topic, but I’m a little excited…! 😉

  23. No raw cow’s milk in my state….or within driving distance. The big corporations saw to that… Just as well, I read that goats milk was often easier to digest than cows.

  24. Cindy,
    I think that information is outdated?
    I have the fermented CLO label here and it says:
    Fermented Cod Liver Oil SUPPLEMENT FACTS
    Serving Size 1ml Amount % DV
    Vitamin A 3500 iu 70
    Vitamin D 600 iu 150
    EPA 140 mg *
    DHA 75 mg *

  25. Ben, I was quoting the nutritional panel as per the fermented CLO/high vitamin Butter oil super-duper combo (from Weston Price literature)…. I think you’re quoting plain fermented clo???
    I just know my bottle doesn’t list the vitamins except to say Vit A 60%….

    But Anyhoo…..I did have a great idea for getting this stuff down! (though likely someone has already mentioned it somewhere) Yes, we should all buy the liquid form as its cheaper than the pills…. but then buy some bulk veggie caps and use a syringe to easily squirt your tsp. into the caps yourself! My GEL version is a might tougher as it is a semi-hard product from the fridge. I have to sort of scoop with the veggie caps…but it can be done rather quickly in the morning.

    A tsp would be 5cc/5mils. for those of you who can squirt.
    Me; I’m a scooper. Always have been. 😉

  26. Darn it, Ben, meant to say….I was quoting the fermented HIgh Vitamin CLO nutritional info from Weston Price.

    So I think we’re still both quoting two different products; yours not being HIgh Vitamin. ??

    However, I just happen to be USING the fermented CLO/High Vitamin Butter oil combo myself which got me all flustered.

  27. Hi Cindy,

    I was talking about the Blue Ice Fermented CLO the same label as pictured at the top of this post. I have two bottles, one with the older label with the vitamin stats above and the same product with new label with no stats.

    I emailed Dave to confirm how much Vit A and D per ml was in the product, so I could confirm how many ml’s equals 10,000 IU vitamin a (for Julie above), and his response was “an educated guess would be 1 tsp”. He didn’t actually answer my question entirely.

    What bothers me is that reply is completely different information from the products prior label which states 1ml gives you 3500 iu vitamin A.

    So the exact same product, now only has 10,000 IU per 5 ml instead of the 17500 IU per 5ml.

    This means, it is not as cost economical as it was, you get alot less Vit A/D for the same money and need a bigger dose than the 2ml serving suggestion to get your daily WAP dose.

    I was taking about 3ml before to get 10,000, now I’ll need 5ml (almost double).

    Before the label change, I was worried that without the stats new WAP’ers would take too much. Now that likely won’t be a problem :)


  28. Hi Ben,

    I know how frustrating that is, but the reason Dave has explained to me in the past (as to why the amounts aren’t solid), is because it is a live food, one that isn’t easy to measure, unlike fake foods where they put an exact amount of some synthetic vitamin in their product.

    Here’s what I suggest: call Dave at Green Pastures. He’s usually easy to get in touch with and he answers questions in more length than he does when he’s emailing. You can ask him specifically what he suggests.

    Please report back here if you can!

    Good luck!

  29. Thanks Kelly,
    Dave said the product hasn’t changed, he’s ‘just averaging’ (the dose amounts). Now, I understand that with all live foods, there is some fluctuation in nutrient stats, but not so much that a dose could be 10,000 IU per 5 ml to 17,500 IU per 5 ml for the same product. With that kind of explanation, and such short replies, one could easily lack trust in the product and company, especially someone who wants to know the real stats if loading up on a dose based on Sally Fallons healing protocols. So, I’m grateful to have found your great website, and info on fermented CLO and will continue buying this product on my way to good health!
    Thanks again,

  30. Hi Ben,

    Did you talk to Dave on the phone? Just curious. I get the feeling he’s one of those who just doesn’t like email much (smart man, since it sucks up so much time!), but when I’ve spoken to him on the phone, he explains things in more detail.

    Take care,

  31. I have been taking this oil for a few weeks. It has made my stomach upset, increasingly so, until today I am feeling quite ill–as if I could throw-up–and having frequent trips to the bathroom. On the plus side, it has really helped my SAD, so I don’t want to stop. What are the connections, you think, to this stomach upset?

  32. Kim, how much are you taking? Have you checked out the blog at Green Pastures? There may be something about it on there. (I’m heading out the door and can’t look right now.)

    You could try going off it, to be sure that’s it, and then start over and build up your dose more gradually, or every other day for a while. Or I wonder if another flavor would work better for you…just thinking as I type…

  33. I started with one capsule for a few days, and am now taking two capsules–the recommended dosage. I only took one this morning and have felt okay today. I had just done a search to try to find out what was causing it, and your site came up first. I didn’t know Green Pastures had a blog, so I’ll look there too. Thanks, and I look forward to exploring your site more. These capsules have certainly seemed to help my depression and SAD. We haven’t seen the sun here for a week, and I’ve coped much better than ever.

  34. I’ve been using the GP FCLO/butter oil combo gel, cinnamon flavor. I don’t mind the taste–actually kind of like it. But I have two questions. The first I asked Dave, and he couldn’t answer it:

    1. The product smells fishy. It’s my understanding that fishy odor is not from fish oil, but from fish oil oxidation products. That’s why fresh fish does not smell fishy, but older fish does. GP’s analysis finds very low levels of oxidation (peroxide values). So why does it smell fishy? Is it from the fermentation process? And shouldn’t I be concerned about this fishy smell, since it suggests the fish oil has been subject to oxidation (but perhaps a type that does not increase the peroxide values)?

    2. GP uses silica to make their gels. What are the health benefits or concerns associated with consumption of silica?


  35. Hi A.Y.,
    If Dave couldn’t answer #1, then I wouldn’t know, either – he’s the expert on that. Mine does smell and taste fishy, but not over-poweringly so. I don’t know how it couldn’t have at least some fish smell and taste.

    For your 2nd question, I’ve never researched that, but if you do and find anything interesting, please let us know! :)


  36. Hi Kelly,
    The bottle of GP Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented CLO blend capsules I received has a very strong chemical smell when you open it. Is this normal? I stopped using it and went to something else. I just opened it again 3 months later and it still has that smell. I’m really thinking the Fermented CLO is the way to go, but need to know if I have a bad bottle or not.
    Julie S.

  37. No you didn’t get a bad bottle. that smell is minor compared to the overwhelming benefits. My 11 yr old daughter griped about it for a while; she would rather have the sterile plastic like caps of the Carlsons which are not as good for her.
    I have been taking the blue royal for a long time and the benefits are tremendous to my overall health..

  38. Julie, are you sure it’s a chemical smell? Or is it fishy? If I were you I’d call the company just to ask them and be sure, but I’ll bet Michael is right and it’s fine.

  39. Hey all, I’m new to CLO and am wondering what is the consensus on buying FCLO with or without high-vitamin butter oil? I’m looking at getting this: but it is a little more expensive than just plain FCLO and I think there’s a little less of FCLO in this because of the added butter oil, so you’d get less of the vit A and D, I”m assuming. Any thoughts? Is the butter oil necessary or can i just stick with FCLO? Thanks!

  40. hi,
    im looking into getting fermented fish oil and high vitamin butter oil. i saw that fermented skate liver oil has all of the nutrieents in fclo plus valuable nutrients found in shark oil such as squalene and alkoxyglycerols. but i have 2 questions.
    1. is blue ice the best brand for fermented fish oil?
    2. does fermented skate liver oil have the same synergistic benefits with butter oil as FCLO? because this is one of the main reasons for me buying these supplements.

  41. I ordered some fermented Cod liver oil/butter combination and took one dose. I threw it straight to the back of my throat and then quickly followed it up with a pleasant taste. YUCK. My sinuses became congested almost immediately and I felt unwell. My sinuses always become solidly congested whenever I take something that has some kind of detox action. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

    • When you say this happens whenever you take something with a detox action, do you mean whenever you take something fermented? Hopefully someone else will know something about this to help you!

      • “Detox action” is when my body tries to release stored toxins. Anytime I take something that causes my body to release stuff, the first sign of it is that my sinuses swell and I become congested. When I took a dose of the fermented cod liver oil, my sinuses became congested immediately.

  42. because i have child who is picky i went right with the capsules of blue royal; it may cost more but we don’t have any problems with taste once they get down the hatch.
    sometimes she complains of a fishy burp later, but that’s infrequent and i can’t say enough about the capsules or the product; it’s the best. if you eat a good diet i.e. Weston Price Foundation, you don’t need a lot of other supplements; the blue royal is the ultimate supplement and i am stronger and healthier than i’ve ever been in my life.

    • Hi Ella, I believe it is 1/4 t., but you may want to check with Green Pastures to be sure. That’s what we give our almost 5 year old…unless we forgot it for a couple days (often happens) and then he gets more.

    • Your link is this same post that we’re on now, did you mean another post? I want to look where I wrote that so I can be sure to reply correctly. I’m guessing that I was talking about the companies (company?) who were making the traditional CLO in Norway.

      The traditionally made Fermented CLO is definitely being made, and I just opened up some new bottles to try and see which new flavors my kids like best!


  43. Kelly, I have a post idea for you if you haven’t already done it.
    How much water should you drink? (or whatever title you want to give it)
    We often hear that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, or some say to adjust it based on your weight. The following, which I found in a page you linked to seems to support this theory:
    Jacqueline Eberstein, RN,

  44. I wanted to respectfully say that I have followed much of what Weston A Price Foundation has recommended and that is why I tried the fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures. But I have to say that I truely believe they are wrong on this one. I honestly think they have led people to believe that just because it is “raw” and “fermented” all buzz words to us, that it is better. I believe that FCLO was absolutely NOT meant to be food for us no matter what they say about the Roman soilders and Vikings. We have no quantitative way and truely knowing what all they ate. And all the studies that Weston A Price did was not with this gabage. Please do not follow blindly or throw out what your OWN mind and body are screaming at you just to believe what someone else says because frankly that is when a good thing can become a cult. I believe they are wrong on this and that people in this generation need to stick with what Weston A Price and what our own grandmothers have taken and taught us to take and that is regular cod liver oil. The fermented “sounds” better but use your brains and instints on this please and do not put this stuff into your body or the bodies of your precious children.

  45. Hi Amanda,
    I appreciate you saying it, hopefully it will encourage people to do just what you said and research it more, that’s ALWAYS a good thing. But I’m curious, have you read all the posts on this topic?

  46. Hi Kelly,
    Yes I have read through most of the posts on this site as well as many others. I have a background in nutrition (my degree from Purdue University) and thus I am always very prone to research, research, research. I truely do not believe it is necessary to take the fermented and I actually personally believe it could be harmful. I would find the best cod liver oil possible and stick with that. I think far too many people are “just doing it” and forcing their children too with the best intentions but it is based on “blindly trusting” what others say (either Weston A Price, in which Green Pastures is a big supporter of theirs, or the makers Green Pastures themselves who of course would say only good things). I think this is very dangerous and my heart truely goes out to all those forcing this stuff into their bodies believing it to be a miracle supplement when in fact I believe it is at best not necessary and at worst could be harmful. This is why I felt compiled to write in my comments.

    • Amanda, that is obviously your decision, and again, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts so that others *won’t* blindly do anything based on my recommendations or anyone else’s.

      However, I’ll just say that based on information such as what’s in this post (, and also the fact that I’ve personally spoken to Dave several times, and met him in person a few other times, I’ll never take anything else because I trust him much more than any pharmaceutical company or a run-of-the-mill company you’d find on a grocery store shelf. You mentioned that we should take what our grandparents took, and that’s just it, Dave has done the research to find out what it *was* that they took traditionally, and it was much more pure than what’s available today.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts,

  47. Hi Kelly,
    My 5 year old son has “seafood” allergies (fish and shellfish). I read an article somewhere that said that folks with seafood allergies could take CLO because it is coming from the “liver.” What are your thoughts on giving my son fermented CLO is safe or not with his allergies?


    • Hi Holly,
      Forgive me, but I’m not touching that one with a ten-foot pole! You could try calling Dave at Green Pasture for his advice, but otherwise, depending on how severe his allergies are, I’d only try that under supervision with a professional.
      Now if his allergy symptoms are something minor, then I’d say it’s worth a shot, but beyond that, I don’t want to be the one to tell you and have something terrible happen!

    • Hi there. I’m a UCLA student and I just wanted to say that cod liver oil is definitely more like shellfish than cod. Why? Dave from Green Pastures explained it to me this way:

      What is cod liver oil? It’s from the digestive tract of the cod fish. (Think of your stomach.) Whatever the fish eats will show up in the FCLO. And what do cod eat? SHELLFISH. Mussels, crabs, squids, lobsters, mollusks. In fact, that’s basically their entire diet.

      In short, FCLO or CLO consists of everything that you (and I, unfortunately) are allergic to.

      (1) It’s generally accepted that shellfish allergic reactions get worse with each exposure. Yes..found this out the hard way.
      (2) I had a similar reaction to GP’s FCLO/HVB blend as when I eat shrimp/shellfish with my third bottle. I didn’t notice it with the first two bottles, so it may be hit or miss. I’m allergic to dairy but much more allergic to shellfish. Although both show up as skin rashes, they’re usually with slightly different places/intensity. This helps me guess at which allergen caused it.
      (3) Still trying to see if HVBO **by itself** will reverse my dental caries. I’d be interested if anyone has empirical data or observations on this.

      • (4) Not really allergic to fish as I eat cod, tilapia, salmon all the time. Figured someone might ask.

        Good luck! I just wanted to get this info out to as many people as possible. The less ER trips the better. 😉

  48. I have been taking 2 FCLO capsules a day for about 2 weeks and I also have osteoporosis and wondered what multivitamins you would recommend taking also? I have had alot of problems with calcium supplements. They make my hips hurt and are really painful and when I stop calcium seems to get better??? I have tried whole food calcium brands also, still gives me pain in hips. My Mother has osteoporosis really bad, her spine almost S-curved and grandfather was hunchback… I am really concerned as I seem to be allergic to calcium??? Any suggestions??
    Thank you,
    Ruth Anne

  49. Ruth, I’d of course recommend discussing this with your doctor first, but if you are really concerned about osteoporosis I think that, instead of taking a pill, your best recourse would be weight-bearing exercises. An appropriate weight-lifting program, for instance, would probably be very effective. And if you are concerned about spinal alignment, I would recommend adding yoga and/or a Chinese internal martial art, such as Tai Chi, Bagua, or Hsing-I (yoga can also provide some of the benefits of weight lifting), which should not only have a preventative effect against future spinal degeneration, but actually improve the spinal alignment you currently have.

  50. Thank you very much Kelly and Ay. All great suggestions! I do try to do some of them, but will have to dedicate more time to doing these things you both suggested.

  51. Hi Kelly,

    I can’t seem to find anything anywhere on this, but cinnamon is not recommended for medicinal purposes during pregnancy? Would the cinnamon tingle be a concerning amount since it is being consumes daily? Have others used cinnamon tingle during pregnancy. Any issues?

    • Hi Katie,

      I took it during my pregnancy and was fine, hopefully others will comment. I’ve never heard this before.


  52. Thanks for your reply Kelly. This real food thing can be so frustrating sometimes. I just ordered 6 bottles of the cinnamon tingle two days ago, yesterday found out I was pregnant, and today discovered that cinnamon(along with many of my other favorite cooking herbs) can cause premature uterine contractions/miscarriage. So, now I’m a bit nervous about the FCLO flavor.

    • I just wonder though if the cinnamon and other herbs that could cause this would need to be eaten in HUGE quantities for that to be a true threat, you know?


  53. Yes, I am certainly hoping that is the situation, but there is very little information out there on actual amount. MRH site states ” not to use for medicinal” purposes, but I wasn’t sure if this might be medicinal amounts, since we are recommended while preggo to take 1-2 teaspoons each day of the FCLO and the cinnamon tingle is very strong in cinnamon.

    Anyway, glad to hear that you experiences no side effects during your pregnancy. Thank you and hope you have a great weekend.

    • The rest of the info there says this (for those who are interested):

      “Heavy Metals and PCB’s

      The United States does not have standards established for fish oils,
      but we do understand our community’s concerns regarding man-made
      contaminants within our food chain. We test each lot to ensure its
      purity from man-made PCB’s and heavy metals. We meet or exceed
      many international standards including

       Norwegian Medical Standards (NMS)
       European Pharmacopia Standards (EPS)
       California Prop 65 “

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