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Family Favorite Recipes — Which Meal Each Person in Our Family Loves Most {Plus: Share Your Favorite Recipe!}

Family Favorite Recipes

Everyone has family favorite recipes, right?

Today I’ll share what each person in our family loves (scroll down for that), but first, I’m wondering if you’d be willing to share your family favorite recipes with Kitchen Kop readers?

This is the problem: I love sharing new recipes here on the blog to add to my whole recipe collection (I have to re-organize that page, I know), and normally I’ve got gads of them in my drafts folder, but I seemed to have gotten through them all. Well, I’ve still got some in there, but I have to make them again and do some more testing before posting. But I’ll bet YOU have some family favorites you’ve got down pat, right? I was wondering if you’d be willing to share them with others who read this blog?! I may not be able to post every single one, depending on how many come in, but I’d love to check yours out and see if it would be a good fit. Anyone is welcome, and if you’re a real food blogger, it would be a good chance to guest-post here and draw more traffic to your site, too – I did that a lot early-on to grow my blog.

If you can help, here’s what to do:

Email and include the following…

  • The recipe along with your own notes: What you like about it, etc.
  • At least one picture, and more if possible. (Don’t forget a photo credit if it’s not your picture.)
  • A little about yourself in a “bio”.
  • A link to your site if applicable.
  • A picture of yourself or your family, too, if you’re willing!
  • Please do not send in document form.
  • More specifics are here about guest posting.


Here are our family favorite recipes:

Parmesan Pesto Pasta



Shepherd's Pie Pic

Mojito Lime Chicken Bake

Now share yours below in the comments! :)


  1. Keep em coming. I’m in the last few weeks of this pregnancy and trying to fill the freezer with meals for the Hubby and other two kids. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

  2. I wish I had time to take pictures of my food. :)

    I have three children ages 9, 7, and 12 months, and they all love grass fed beef patty melts on real sourdough bread. The 12 month old eats just the patty with melted cheddar, though.

    It’s real simple to make and uncooked patties freeze really well. I will definitely submit it if and when I get the chance.

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