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Fall in Love With Your Farmers Market (Or Farmer!) {Plus a Video of the New Downtown Market}

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Today’s post started out as a nice giveaway from one of my awesome sponsors, where we hoped to get you excited about local, seasonal produce this spring that is bursting with nutrients — and it has evolved into much more. Last Saturday I asked Kent to go with me to downtown GR so we could check out the new Downtown Market. I’d heard great things about it and it is really cool in there — I can’t wait to go back and spend more time. I ended up snapping loads of pictures and then decided to make a video so I could show you the whole thing. (I was a little rusty at making videos, it’s been a while, so let me know what you think.)

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh new point of view, you know!

I hope you’ll pledge to try something new with me, like falling in love with your local Farmers’ Market (or Farmer!) — or maybe checking out a new farmers’ market that you’ve never been to before; hopefully you’ll bring reusable bags with you! It’s a small but mighty step in a healthier direction.

Check out these farmers’ market supplies mentioned in the video:

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Don’t forget to comment below telling us what you love about your local farmers’ market OR tell us about a new farmers’ market you discovered recently!


  1. I love that the prices are so cheap at the local farmers market. I like supporting local farmers,too.

  2. I’m lucky to have several great Farmers Markets, and many great farms, in my area. There is a local Farmers Market almost every day of the week. Emmaus on Sunday, Northampton on Tuesday, Easton on Wednesday and Saturday, Macungie on Thursday and Bath on Friday…and they are all GREAT! While the produce, and other goods, may be slightly more expensive that my local grocery stores, I like knowing the farmers who grew it, nurtured it and brought it to Market…and it’s way more FRESH, too!

  3. I like that the produce is usually picked that morning, or at the worst the night before. Fresh produce tastes better and is better for you!

  4. I had my first baby last year in the spring and was so excited to be able to bring her to our local Farmer’s Markets with me. This year will be even more exciting since she is so interactive and loves to eat all of the delicious produce we can find there!

  5. Ah…not soon enough in my opinion, but someday I will be able to come and see that farmer’s market. Thank you for highlighting local places. They are being added to my list of things to see when we get to the Grand Rapids area early next year!

  6. Farmers markets not only provide us with locally grown foods but they also provide us with new ways to prepare or store the items they have brought to the market. As well there is a booth where a recipe is prepared to sample which should encourage folks to eat better.

  7. We have a small farmers market down town twice a week. Probably 75% of the farms there are local Amish farms. The only items sold at our farmer’s market are fresh local produce and baked goods. That’s, it takes at most 10 minutes to get through the whole thing and that includes making your purchases! I still manage to buy plenty of food every week!

  8. We have two farmers markets here on the Mendocino north coast: Fort Bragg farmers market and Mendocino farmers market. Both market managers are friends of mine and I know several vendors. I haven’t been yet this year — I’ve been too busy working on my own garden! I’m even dreaming of selling at the farmers market next year, so this year is practice and market research.

  9. I love that at my farmer’s market, where I will be heading shortly, I can get raw milk, seafood, wild foods, pastured eggs from chickens on a farm which uses the Polyface model, and see people I don’t get to see much of otherwise.

    Also, a tip for using reusable bags: I just keep all mine in the car all the time. I even have an insulated bag for cold items and a folding milk crate on wheels to make carrying my goods back to the car much easier. As I walk through the market, it’s always a pleasure to see people with their own bags and even baskets.

  10. We’re trying out another farmer’s market this morning. Our local one has mostly conventional farmers and this neighboring city has mostly farmers with organic practices.

  11. The local farmers markets haven’t quite started around here but will be soon. I hope to visit the smaller town markets as well as the bigger one a couple cities over.

  12. just moved to a different state, and while the lenoir NC market can’t hold a candle to grand rapids (i went to college there!), it has all the right elements – small holder farmers with real food at real prices. got some beautiful mizuna this morning!

  13. I’m actually do excited the farmer market is coming back near me, to get some fresh produce and meat although I get the meet and eggs even when the market is over, cause our support farmer, delivers to drop off locations and one of is near me :-) I normally use the reusable bags,I keep them in my car and when I’m done,I put them by the for top remember to take them back to the car!

  14. I love our local farmers market. They always have a great variety and awesome prices. It’s so much easier to shop there because it’s right around the corner.

  15. My husband and I go to the farmers market every Sunday with out dog. As soon as Moose is a block away he gets so excited we have to roll down the window for him to stick his head out. Once we let him out it is straight to the meat man where we buy his pastured raised bone marrow. One for him…two for us. He’s not the only one who has bone marrow in his diet. I am a school teacher and love seeing all my students and their families at the market. Bright, happy faces with cloth bags filled with vegetables. The farmers market is more than a stop for food it is place for the community to gather and meet; something that would never occur at a grocery store.

    • How neat about your dog, even he understands real food, lol.
      And I agree, I love running into friends down there. :)

  16. I went to the Farmer’s market and was inspired to make a great asparagus dish. I love cooking based on what is fresh and available.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      If it turned out good, maybe you’d snap a picture and share the recipe here? :)

  17. I love our Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings in Virginia Beach. It’s got several vendors in the parking lot of a restaurant, that sell true free range meat/eggs and organic vegetables. It’s a bit inconvenient that they only do Saturday mornings, but the other “farmer’s markets” with more hours sometimes are selling lots of stuff that isn’t local and isn’t organic and with the pesticides and GMOs, I want organic as much as possible!

  18. We had a new Farmer’s Market open near us this weekend! We enjoyed meeting the owners, the suppliers of some of their goods, and tasting and sampling everything before buying! We also were taught all about kale chips, and bought some from the farmer supplying them. Didn’t have our own bags with us, because we weren’t planning on stopping, but the owners understood and were prepared for new people to shop! We got lots of organic produce to make a lovely salad, and bought some grass fed beed for our holiday burgers!

  19. I love going to the farmers markets (Ada and Fulton St.). One of my favorite things is just talking with them, finding new ways to make veggies and even finding new things to try. It is so good for my kids to meet these farmers because without them we would have no food. Also, I love knowing I am supporting my neighbor, some one local who is working hard to bring their food to market.

  20. Went to 2 farmers markets this weekend. Disappointing. Nothing good yet. Can’t wait to get local honey etc

  21. We love the Holland Farmer’s Market. There are several organic farmers, too. We also love the Downtown Market in GR. Did you try the ice cream vendor? They use pastured milk and a lot of local ingredients.

    • I didn’t try it (it was early in the morning when we were there!), but loved seeing that we have that option!


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