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Exercise and Weight Loss Questions

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Today in the 2011 Weight Loss & Wellness Adventure, we’ll discuss that dreaded new beginning that we all keep going back to: exercise. I’ll share what’s going on in my own pathetic world of exercise lately…

My New Years Day Struggle

Ohhhh, how I didn’t want to get out there. Everything in me screamed out my most common excuses for not doing it: “You have way too much other stuff to get done today!” “It’s too cold!” (Substitute “hot” if it’s summer.) I thought it was supposed to stay warm in Michigan through the weekend, but apparently I was a little off, because it ended up being around 30* and was fuh-reezing. That almost kept me in. Also, I was embarrassed. I didn’t want to be “one of those” who heads out on New Years Day and people are thinking, “Oh, there’s a resolution runner…”

But who cares what people think anyway, they’re just jealous that they’re aren’t out there, too, so I did it! I made myself just GO and besides a little knee pain, I felt better after. (Until the next day when my muscles were reminding me, with every step, how long it had been since I ran last.)

Does it really make a difference for weight loss though?

Exercise really isn’t that important when it comes to weight loss, well, not for some people anyway. The first summer that I got into running and was being very consistent with it (three times a week, plus weight training, too), I didn’t lose a single stinkin’ pound. For many (most?), it really is much more about what’s going into our mouths. Now, granted, I only had a few pounds that I needed to lose anyway, and my body was definitely getting toned up, but still, it drove me crazy that I couldn’t see the scales move unless I really stayed away from my beloved grains and sweets, dang it.

For others it does made a difference for weight loss (mostly men I think…?), and for everyone it’s good for our bodies to be moving. Not just for our overall health, but for our mental health, too, and not to mention that it just feels good to look better. Who doesn’t love that?

My Exercise Goals:

So as I mentioned in the first Weight Loss & Wellness post, my goal is to exercise at least two times a week. I’ll switch it up between doing a walk/run, my Zumba class (I start later this week, hope I don’t look like a dork…), playing on the Wii with the kids, walks with friends, and maybe some treadmill walks so I can listen to my new audio book. This spring I can get back on my rollerblades, which is my favorite way to exercise.

Your turn! Will you comment below and answer any or all of the following questions?

  • Does exercise help you lose weight, or is it more about what you’re eating?
  • What is your favorite way to exercise?
  • What is your favorite excuse NOT to exercise and how do you push past it?
  • What is your best way to motivate yourself to DO IT?
  • What do you listen to while your exercise? (If anything.)
  • What are your 2011 exercise goals? (As I said in a previous post, it’s good to get these into writing!)ort the Kitchen Kop blog and I’ll be paid a small amount. Thank you for your help so I can keep blogging! Can’t see the link above? You may have an ad blocker installed or have JavaScript disabled. Please disable your ad blocker so you can see the link because we have to be able to track the clicks.)

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  1. Exercise is key to being healthy for me. My most favorite type of exercise is bootcamp. I personally require some form of accountability to keep going, so bootcamp helps me stick with it. My Ipod is my best workout friend and I load it with fast beats that motivate me.

  2. What is your favorite way to exercise? I have a Bow-Flex and walking
    What do you listen to while your exercise? (If anything.) Metal

  3. My main exercise since last summer has been CrossFit. I got started on a Groupon, and made room for it in the budget afterwards because I go to the classes and use the membership. Unfortunately I’ve GAINED weight since doing it, but I know I have more muscle so I try to ignore what the scale says. For those who aren’t familiar with CrossFit, it’s sort of a combination of weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, sprinting, kettlebells, constantly varied. You never know what to expect when you walk into class.

    I also like to walk and hike, but I’m with Kelly, it’s either too hot or too cold, lol.

    My motivation is the fact that I’ve paid for class and reserved a spot in the class and if I miss the coach will come after me. Plus I love it.

  4. I just signed up for the Chaffin Family Orchard’s mailing list and subscribed to the Kitchen Kop by email yesterday. Even though I am about 30 pounds overweight, I really love to exercise. After exercise, the fog has left my brain. I usually listen to Fox News while doing some type of activity that does not require a DVD. Our family exercising together about 3 days a week. I’ll usually do something different 2-3 times a week. My biggest excuse is I don’t want to be cold. For me, a warm house makes all the difference.

    • That is so cool that you belly dance. I just discovered it on fittv last week and now it seems to be gone. I really wanted to get into it. I’m hoping they bring it back.

  5. I am already signed up at Chaffin Family Orchards.
    I try to walk 3 times a week believing the body was made to move, but let the weather get to me.
    Do not afford classes or gym or equipment.

  6. I am not sure if I ever paid attention to if exercise helps me loose weight, as I am more interested in looking good. If I get muscles and my weight goes up, I am happy about it. I have never tried to loose weight on a diet, either, as this is my first time doing anything like this. I have tried to detoxify my body, though, and I have lost weight doing that. So I guess I have never really lost weight exercising, but I have with doing a detox.
    For exercise, I like to be with friends and talk while exercising, or some type of game like tennis or Wii Fit+. Since there is snow outside, tennis is out, but I have been doing the yoga and games on the Wii Fit+.

    Yesterday, I exercised TOO MUCH helping my friend fix up her new house. With hammer in hand taking out nails, or taking off tiles with a spade-like looking thing, my body even now is sore and worn out. I think maybe I did too much, and will have to do something less tiring next time. I love the Wii Fit+ for the yoga, because it gets me to continue exercising that day.
    I have to admit, this challenge is going to be a little more difficult for me than the rest of you because I really do not like to exercise. I am naughty, and just don

  7. I feel exercise is just as important as what you eat. My favorite thing is walking but its too cold outside for me right now, brrrr! If I am walking I either listen too music or conference mp3’s that I have downloaded. My goal is to drop 2 sizes and maintain it.

  8. Exercise and eating right are important for weight loss for me, well at least they were the last time I tried to lose weight, over four years ago before I had my two daughters. I don’t particularly like to exercise-probably from too much exercise as a child/teenager, haha! At least that is what I tell myself, actually I think its from embarassment about how big I have gotten and how disconnected in general I feel from my body. Ugh, this sucks! As I posted before my exercise goals for this year are 30 minutes a day, however since I posted that I have not followed up, so I think I will need to reconsider on that goal and say two-three times per week as a starting point, which I have been doing aleady. I do think the most important aspect of weight loss is getting off or reducing the carbs and less/no sugar. Carbs and sugar are my biggest downfall/weakness when it comes to food. I really enjoyed reading the story of “Ava”, your sister in law, I found it very inspiring what she said about how it feels better to have the weight gone than it ever tasted to eat all that junk (my paraphrase).

  9. When I exercise I think it helps me to keep my weight in check because I think more about what I put in my mouth. By being more active, I feel better overall. Then I want to eat better. When I eat better I feel better. It’s a cycle I like to keep going. My favorite way to exercise is just to be as active as possible outside (especially with my son). Gardening, going for walks, bike rides, swimming. Living in Wisconsin…weather is my biggest excuse. It’s either too hot or too cold here!

  10. I heard once that losing weight is 90% diet, 10% exercise. I have to agree – my husband actually gained weight while training for a half-ironman. I have done sprint distance triathlons in the past, but right now I’m trying the RevAbs DVD set that I got for free to review on my blog 😉 So far so good. I like that it incorporates yoga moves.

  11. In winter, I like to jump on a mini-trampoline while watching a cheesy LMN movie. When it is warmer, nothing beats a hike!

  12. It is both food and exercise for me…both have to be happening for me to lose weight.

    I enjoy walking and hiking, but my favorite excuse to not do it is that I’m too tired at the end of the school day (I’m a teacher). The kicker is I feel SO much better if I walk a few miles before heading home.

  13. I just checked out the Chaffin Family website, wow! I am impressed with what they are doing! I love their well-rounded approach to farming. Thanks for informing me of this great farm/orchard.

  14. I’m a Crossfitter and once you drink that kool-aid, you never go back. it’s intense and one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done – mentally and physically. And it’s changed me into a better person because I push past limits I never though I could reach.

    That being said, I can Crossfit every day and still not lose weight. Sure, I’ll be more tone, right, and amazingly fit, BUT – and this is after 10 years of “dieting” and morbid obesity, weight loss IS about what we eat. The quality, the quantity. Period.

    You can totally rock 2011!

  15. 1. Favorite exercise is walking on the treadmill and using the elliptical

    2. I don’t listen to music I turn the little tv on and that helps keep me motivated. (pre- baby)

    3. Does exercise help with losing weight? I used to think so, but since my daughter was born 4 years ago I can’t lose weight for the life of me:(

    4. I exercised 3 years ago 5 days a week for 1 hour a day and DID NOT even lose 1 lbs. That left me really depressed, and leaves me really unmotivated today. Plus since my daughter was born all my joints hurt to exercise.

  16. My exercise goal for this year is really just a partial for the year as I am currently transforming 20 pounds of fat to 20 pounds of muscle. I will then move on to something else. I’m also blogging about my transformation at my website

  17. I don’t think exercise makes you lose weight. But that’s coming from someone with good genes. Having said that though, for me, exercise is about maintaining psychological well-being. I haven’t exercised in a LONG time and I can tell. I get stressed easier.

    When I do exercise it’s yoga and kettlebells. OH! those are amazing. You can accomplish so much in a short amount of time with the kettlebells (not the ones from Target b/c they’re too light for everyone except a child).

    As far as weight control-I think SO much has to do with what you’re eating. I’m now working with a nutritionist and am eating about 130 grams of fat a day. In my former life (before IBD) I hardly ate any fat. That, in my opinion, is what caused my problems. I don’t weigh more than I did before and my body is working so much better. If only I’d known!

  18. In the past I have lost weight by exercising everyday 1-2 hours and cutting calories. Over the past year, I have had some health issues that led me away from that way of dieting and although I have felt much better, I also gained the weight back plus some. I am now ready to try a much healthier way of living in order to lose weight. I am going to exercise some but not too much. I plan to do cross training and some cardio/walking as a supplement to my new way of eating. I think what you eat plays the biggest role. I am going to remove processed carbs, but keep the good ones in occasionally and continue to drink my raw milk and healthy proteins. Fortunately on top of the grass-fed beef we buy my family is full of hunters and we have more than enough deer and elk meat. My husband’s and my biggest problem is eating out too much. Therefore my biggest goal for all of this is to start meal planning.

  19. I think for me it is mostly food. Excercise probably helps a little. I am going to try super-slow weight training at home, as I cannot afford a gym. Plus, I don’t even have to purchase weights, as my body weight will be what I use! I tend to be lazy about exercise, though. My newly retired husband will be sure to help me get going.

  20. It’s definitely more about what I eat, but I do notice some extra weight loss with exercise, as long as I don’t overtrain (which I have a tendency to do!). I LOVE to run, but it’s been tougher lately with injuries/weight gain…
    I normally don’t have any problem motivating myself to exercise…it’s usually the opposite problem! I think I have an addictive personality and have to channel it somewhere. Since I haven’t been able to run, I’ve been doing lots and lots of hot yoga. I do think I’ll be cleared to try and start running again soon, so that’s my goal for 2011!

  21. 1. Years ago I worked out with an exercise tape, but ate what I wanted. No weight loss. Now I am eating better and exercising. Doing both helps me. Over the summer when it was too hot I just let it go. Then this fall I started to notice pudge. Clearly I need to do both.

    2. My favorite exercise is walking. If the weather is bad I do my exercise tapes.

    3. I might tell myself I have too much to do to workout, but I know I have to make time for it. I can always go out for a walk if the weather is decent.

    4. I motivate myself by telling myself to put a tape in start. If for some reason I’m not in the mood I can stop. What usually happens is after I get past the warm up I am ready to keep going.

    5. I don’t listen to anything when walking.

    6. Lose these few pounds and stay there. Keep working out regularly.

  22. I signed up for the Chaffin Family Newsletter.
    Now some answers
    * Does exercise help you lose weight, or is it more about what you

  23. I signed up for the newsletter. I would love to win this as I have been wanting to try their olive oil.
    As far as my exercise goals go, I used to be a trainer and fitness instructor. I pushed my body really hard with exercise and diet and am now paying the price. Eight years ago my body hit a wall and I have been in inexplicable chronic pain and had digestive disorders ever since. Due to this disabling pain and problems I have to go a lot easier on my body and listen to it when it says stop and rest. Interstingly enough, when I changed my diet to a WAP diet for health reasons, I actually lost weight despite my lower level of activity and increase in fats. I weigh less now then when I was running, training and eating a vegetarian diet. Live and learn. My problem is not getting motivated, my problem is slowing down and keeping a balance.
    I am actually a bit underweight, and my resolution is to gain weight this year as I am 5 months pregnant! ;o) I am walking, stretching, and doing band resisitance. As far as what I like to listen to…I agree with another post…metal rules…

  24. The only time exercise ever helped me lose weight was when I was doing the south beach diet and working out 4-5 times a week, an hour at a time. It was pretty high impact (cardio kickboxing) along with a lot of hours on the elliptical. Looking back on it now I see that I had a lot of health problems at the same time, and as soon as I reduced the exercise (because of my busy stressful life!) all the weight came back, plus more. I really do think that it is about diet and overall health-my body is not going to give up any weight unless it feels like it is getting the nutrients it wants on a daily basis. So my focus is on better food, and flexibility/strength training, to keep my muscles happy. No chronic cardio for me!

  25. I suffer from bipolar disorder. Most days I am in the depression phase and can barely motivate myself to walk around the house much less outside. It is a proven fact that exercise help with depression. So I need to just DO IT and get out there. So thats my motto.

  26. YAY for quality olive oil! I got a bottle of some really nice imported olive oil for Christmas from a similarly-particular friend, and it’s one of my favorite gifts! I have already subscribed to Chaffin’s email list (I think the LAST time you talked about yum-o quality olive oil!). Thanks!

  27. My best motivation to exercise is doing it with a friend. Walking with someone else is great because you don’t know how hard your working since your so wrapped up in conversation. I can walk everyday if I have a good friend to walk with.
    (signed up at the Chaffin family mailing list)

  28. I love walking. It gives me time to clear my mind and listen to the sounds all around me. It is very invigorating and costs me nothing but time. And I am certainly worth thirty to forty-five minutes or so I remind myself.

  29. I am signed up for the Chaffin Family Orchards’ mailing list.
    Exercise has helped me lose weight in the past (in my 20’s). But this past year, it was more about what I was eating; I lost some weight by simply eating more NT, without exercising.

  30. I am signed up for the Chaffin Family Orchards’ mailing list.
    Exercise has helped me lose weight in the past (when I was in my 20’s and knew nothing about NT). But this past year, it was more about what I was eating; I lost some weight by simply eating more NT, without exercising.

  31. Signed up for their emails and as for the questions, I believe a lot of losing weight does have to do with our diet.
    However contrary to the American way, I do not believe going on a diet is what helps, rather its the everyday life choices of what we eat that plays a major role.
    I do believe exercise is still important. Exercise decreasing stress, help you sleep better, helps digestion, tones the muscles that we need for everyday lifting and so much more information that is covered in books and not this comment 😀

    As far as me and how I get motivated…an instructor has to keep me going. Simple as that! I have found that I really enjoy pilates b/c it strenghten so many core muscles, and was going to take it this semester. Sadly though, I am going to find work instead b/c that’s more of a priority, so my husband and I will just continue to go to the park and hopefully play tennis soon and start using the bike(me) and he will run.

  32. Exercise has never helped me lose any weight no matter how much, how little, how often, how intense, how gentle the workout. I have tried all methods for extended periods. Nothing. But, I do feel better with exercise so I keep at it.

    My favs…equipment pilates, anerobic cardio (short bursts), power walking, hand weights.

    I have been unsuccesful losing weight with a good healthy diet. I am sure it has kept me from gaining lots of weight but it does not help me lose. Which is why I am going low carb this month. I am hoping this will be the magic bullet I have been trying to find. So, lots of good protein and vegis this month.

    Just visited the website after entering the drawing. Wonderful! Just ordered mandarins and olives. Fun!

  33. It’s more about what I am eating that helps me lose weight. In fact if I exercise too much it can stall my weight loss or make me gain weight.

  34. and in case my original comment was munched, I don’t exercise much – besides chasing my girls & daily babywearing 😉 Grains/sugars make a much bigger difference in my weight than exercise ever has.

  35. I’m not really sure what’s the best way for me to lose weight. I haven’t had much luck period.

    Nearly all my extra weight has come on through pregnancies. I would gain from 25 to 35 pounds per pregnancy and only loose all but about 6-7 pounds of it. Now, six pregnancies later, I’m about 40 pounds overweight.

    The most weight loss (other than delivery) came at about six months post-partum, while I’m still nursing. Does nursing count as exercise? 😛

    Actually, I really enjoy getting outside and just doing stuff–working in the yard, hiking, playing w/ the kids. I also enjoy taking a walk. But life seems to get in the way of that a lot. Last time I tried to take a walk, I got a call about 1/4 of the way into it. One of the kids had just thrown up. So much for my walk. It’s things like this that constantly put a halt on my exercise plans.

    I can’t stand exercise DVDs. I feel so awkward and ridiculous. I just got a Tai Chi DVD, though, and I’m learning that w/ the kids (we joke that we’re all learning how to water-bend (Avatar: The Last Air-bender)). Right now, that’s my exercise and that’s my goal. Do Tai Chi in the morning, at least four out of seven mornings, and when the weather turns good, add in outside work or walks at least twice a week.

    • Oh! I forgot to add that my goal is to lose 3 lbs per week until I reach my target weight of 125 pounds. I’m actually hoping to hit 10 pounds for this first 21 days. I think I can do that!

  36. My favorite way to exercise is walking. Now I just need to get motivated to walk on the treadmill since it is very cold outside.

  37. I’m not a person that needs exercise to lose weight. What I do need exercise for is to maintain a healthy energy level, body perspective, and overall view of life! It’s amazing how much 30 minutes or so of exercise can improve! My favorite is Pilates, but I’m also a big fan of interval training. The plus with that, is that I can make up my own intervals and change things up however- squats, push-ups, running in place, lunges, punches, etc.

  38. I need to exercise and eat a reasonbly healthy diet to lose weight. For me, exercise is more about feeling comfortable inmy skin and reshaping those trouble zones than just numbers on the scale.

  39. My favorite ways to exercise are: dancing and running. I have always loved sports and exercise and have tried just about everything, and I’m not joking. Gymnastics, baseball, swimming, ballet, jazz dance, modern, Mexican Folklorico, Irish step, African dance, soccer, softball, track, cross-country, yoga, and most recently olympic weight lifting, and barefoot running (best done in the forest). For me, exercise should never be a chore, and if it is, then perhaps it’s time to try something else. I make appointments at the gym and keep them because they are challenging and fun. When I ran in college and high school, I did it because it was exciting and I was in the company of good friends. Now when I run in the woods it is meditative and a gift to myself. It is one of the happiest activities in my day. Also, I have always enjoyed dancing alone and with others. If I had any advice, it would be to crank the tunes and enjoy your body or get out in nature and listen and breathe. Go swimming in the river in the summertime, or take a class that sounds fun even if you are intimidated. If it’s boring or you don’t connect with the people, then move on. Please don’t make moving your body one more chore on the list. It is such a gift and should be treated as such. Even if it’s a walk around the block under the crappiest of conditions. Put on the hat and gloves and have a look around. Remind yourself of that feeling you get after you’ve answered the call to move. It’s never regret.

  40. My 2011 goal is to become more consistant with walking. It is something my girls and I enjoy doing together and we don’t do it often enough.

  41. -I need exercise and to limit portions (no 2nd helping like all the boys at my table)
    – elliptical at home
    -excuse “I’m too busy” – can you hear the whine?!
    -just do it – 1st thing before I turn on the computer!! then the rest of the day I do not have to feel guilty or tell myself I need to do it…
    -Do it MORE OFTEN!!! :)

  42. I haven’t exercised consistently since I became pregnant with my first son over seven years ago. It’s definitely time to get back to it :) I do best with some accountability and love walking with friends. However I probably need something a little more strenuous than a walk at least occasionally. My naturopath suggested I do rebounding the help with lymph drainage and I’ve found my mini-trampoline to be one of the quickest, easiest ways to exercise (if I’ll just do it and if I can keep small boys from trying to join me). I recently read Dr. Mercola’s article about the research showing that exercise before breakfast drinking only water, no sugary sports drinks (not a problem here) helped with insulin resistance and weight loss. Now I’m extra motivated to just get it done first thing in the morning.

  43. I can’t stand exercising! There, I said it. lol But I know I need to more because of muscle loss, healthier bones and strong heart and lungs.
    If I put on Disco! and dance, dance, dance that is exercise for sure. We live in CO so if I go for a hike it doesn’t feel like exercise or swim at the Rec Center.
    I used to ski but my leg muscles are too weak so I am determined to build my strength. I’m now 49 and should have stayed active.

  44. I’m also following WAP and “trying” to cut back on grains and also learn to soak them.
    I heard that Chaffin olive oil was at the conference and heard great comments about their oil.
    Diet definitely makes a difference in wieght loss but over the past year I’ve discovered that there is so much misleading info out there.

  45. I think we should all to some type of yoga and Tai Chi. When I did yoga I felt so relaxed afterward which did help with insomia (mentioned in another post). My goal would be to start that up again and be more scheduled in when and how much exercise each day.

  46. What is your favorite excuse NOT to exercise and how do you push past it?

    My answer: I’m too tired or too busy. I have my sister-in-law come over at 9 am every morning to do an exercise video with me. Having a buddy who is going to show up every day makes me do it.

  47. I subscribed to the newsletter. My exercise goal is to go to yoga 2x per week and to do some sprint-style heavy lifting and cardio sprinting 1 or 2x per week. I don’t usually listen to music when I’m exercising unless it’s whatever is playing during yoga or in the gym.

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