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An Easy Way to Lower Your Stress Level

Lower Your Stress Level

An Easy Way to Lower Your Stress Level

I recently began reading The Pioneer Woman now and then, and youza, look at the number of comments this chick gets at her posts! Her recipes aren’t all that healthy (she has recipes with margarine – yikes! Too bad she has too many comments to actually read them all or I’d leave one myself now and then telling her why butter is better!), but she’s a great writer, especially when she’s writing about the love story between her and her husband. (Update: I’m rarely on her blog, but when I’ve been around now and then recently I see pretty good ingredients these days!)

I found this post there, written by her Mom, which explains a very easy way to lower your stress level. I’m going to really concentrate on this, because I know I’m guilty of shallow breathing – it’s odd that you really have to THINK about breathing correctly, moving your belly, but it’s true. When I’m feeling stressed and my shoulders and neck are tense, the shallow breaths just come out that way.

Look over that post, then let us know what you think in the comments – or even better, I’d love to know how YOU relieve stress in your life?


  1. THanks for this post. My stress level came down just looking at some of her pictures! I know breathing is important and that we tend to breathe shallowly most the time. I am looking forward to reading the article by her mom.

  2. I’ve been reading Pioneer Woman for a month or two. Did you know the Marlborough man and the 2 girl “punks” are going on a trip with Compassion International in Nov?
    PW will be blogging it!
    I too was astounded by the volume of comments.
    And apparently she’s publishing a cookbook….wow. with all my food allergies and sensitivity I won’t be buying that book.

    I hope one day you will get to publish!

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