Drop 7 Foods and Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days

Sean day 3

Good morning readers, I’m a tad overwhelmed trying to do final edits on my revised Real Food Ingredient Guide, so for now I just wanted to remind you that these videos above (and the ones coming the rest of this week) are FREE to listen and watch.

Click here to get in.

(Sean is on the West coast so if yesterday’s videos are still up, be patient, and listen fast before those ones are gone!)

I can’t wait to hear the presentation mentioned in the title, I’m wondering which foods she might be talking about? Sugar probably, but what else…

cholesterol clarityAnd everybody loves Jimmy Moore, the nicest guy on the planet. We’ve chatted in the past when he’s interviewed me for his super popular podcast. His new book looks awesome: Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers? – Don’t you love the title? So I can’t wait to hear his presentation, too.

FB Sarah bookAnd then there’s my friend, Sarah, who is talking about organ meats today. Have you seen her book with another great title, Get Your Fats Straight?

The cooking class should be fun, but I’m not sure about those offal meatballs – since I’m a Weston Pricer and all, I’ll keep my mind open. :) I’m all about sweet potato anything, and goat cheese, too. So I’ll be all over the other two recipes.

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget to go get in on these FREE presentations and cooking class!


  1. %kelly the kitchen kop% via Facebook says

    I would agree with sugar and would guess wheat. Corn and soy I suspect would also be on there.

  2. %kelly the kitchen kop% via Facebook says

    all the refined not really food but oh taste so good and are addictive
    sugar, refined and adulterated grains including breakfast cereals, all so called diet foods…..

  3. Barbara Ervin says

    I watched her video – – eggs?! REALLY?! I realize that some people have allergies to eggs, but the eggs I eat are grass & fresh fruits and veggies-fed and very well pastured! I can’t believe she included eggs as one of the 7 foods to avoid! We eat fresh eggs all the time! Yes, I admit I need to lose weight, but I’m sorry, eggs will not be eliminated from my whole foods diet.

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