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Does Ringworm Itch? And More Natural Help for Ringworm and Fungal Infections

Does Ringworm Itch

Does Ringworm Itch? And More Natural Help for Ringworm and Fungal Infections

A few months ago someone in our family had a fungal infection on the back of their neck that turned out to be ringworm, but I won’t say who that person may have been…

OK, fine, it was ME, but it’s a little embarrassing to admit, on the worldwide web no less! But there’s a good reason I’m confessing such a thing: I figured out what helps and had to tell you about it. (The picture above is just one I found on Flickr, by the way…)


I don’t even like how the word sounds! But just in case you don’t know, there’s no actual worm in “ringworm”.


First you must be wondering how you catch such a thing. Ringworm is contagious, but no one close to me has had it. Sometimes you can get it from pets, but we don’t have any. I also read you can get it when your immune system is compromised, and all I can figure is that my late nights (working on this blog!) might have caught up with me a little, who would have thought?


It started with the back of my neck itching, so yes, ringworm does itch! It turned into a pink circle a little bigger than a quarter, and that’s when I knew it was ringworm. (I do remember a couple things from nursing school, but not much.)


Maybe it’s my nursing background (minimal as it is), but as much as I believe that a healthy diet and/or natural remedies are better for us than always using another medicine, and as skeptical as I’ve become about some drug therapies, sometimes I’m lazy and think of medicine as the “easy and fast” way out. (There are times I do believe meds are necessary, though.) So I’m trying to change this mindset more and thought I’d try checking in my Natural Cures book (Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th Edition). There were many various suggestions, but one I decided to try was fresh garlic.

It burned like crazy and stopped the itching for a couple days, but it was so messy (& smelly), I bagged it and broke down and bought an anti-fungal cream at the store. After a week or two of being consistent with that, it didn’t look any better, so I got a different anti-fungal cream. After another week, now it looked worse, and I knew the next step for the doc would be prescribing an oral anti-fungal med, but I didn’t want to go there.

I started reading online and saw many testimonials. A few people suggested applying coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil. I began applying this, but wanted to be sure, so I also tried another remedy that worked for many people: raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to the affected area.


I used cotton balls and put it on my neck every time I thought of it (about 5 times/day), and after a couple days it was definitely better. Then, just to be sure I was hitting it hard, I also added crushed garlic to the solution. After a couple days I just put it on 2-3 times/day, so I wasn’t irritating the skin on my neck so much and it could heal. I actually think the vinegar is what helped the most, but it could’ve been a combination of that and the coconut/tea tree oil.


Only one itty-bitty little issue: the garlic/vinegar solution stinks like crazy! The smell was grossing the whole family out and I felt like I had to give a disclaimer to all my day care parents when they dropped their kids off. (I cannot believe I’m sharing all this!)

One night I crawled into bed and Kent was already asleep. I had just put on more of the stink-bomb vinegar and garlic solution, and I’d been washing my hands so much (afraid of it spreading anywhere) that my hands were raw, so I put Bag Balm all over my hands and gloves on them for the night. I was laughing and thinking, “Yep, Kent’s a lucky man…I‘m quite a package!”


Keep in mind, I’m only telling you what my experience was. You may have a different condition all together, you may need a different treatment all together, and if your doc tells you to do something different, you should probably listen to them and not me. Or do your own research to figure out what is the best option for you; don’t blindly follow my advice or anyone else’s. Also, sometimes a fungal infection can turn into a secondary bacterial infection, so you may need other treatment for that as well.

A final thought…

No matter what, it’s all a big pain to mess around with, but I try to remember to count my blessings, because like my Mom often says, “At least it’s not something much worse…” Thanks Mom!

Too bad I have to add this post-note:

It came back. Grrrrrrr. So I asked my friend who is a naturopath, and she said that I needed to treat the whole body, from the inside. She got me some powerful oral probiotics (since I don’t eat as many fermented foods as I should, which would be a cheaper, natural way to get probiotics), and after taking these AND doing the vinegar again (no garlic this time, I didn’t want to put my family through that again), now it’s been better for good, for at least four months now. (Here’s where to get probiotics.)



Probiotics are more powerful than I think I even realize yet. They can help support a healthy gut more than you would think – many bodily issues actually start as a result of problems in your gut/digestive system, which is basically where your immune system is. As stated above, eating more homemade fermented foods like yogurt, kefir soda or dairy kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha tea, etc. is always better and cheaper than trying to get your probiotics in a pill, but I’ve read that sometimes your body needs some “big guns” probiotics that you can’t get enough of in a normal amount of fermented foods that you might eat. So if you need a probiotic supplement, here is what I suggest:

Get probiotics here.




  1. Wow this is timely–our dog has a real problem with this and she’s lovingly passed it on to a few of us time and time again. I wonder if this would work on dogs–the apple cider vinegar, that is….

    • This should work on dogs! My teacup Chihuahua had bad ringworm and I would buy a Miconozole spray which is an antifungal spray such as “Ting.” I was able to clear him up completely by spraying him twice a day. You can find this spray at the Dollar General and probably at your local Walgreens or CVS stores. I don’t see why the Acidophilus would not work but get him to eat yogurt. Yogurt is good for dogs and my dog loves it anyway.

      Hope this helps!!

  2. Kelly,

    Thanks to your timely raw apple cider vinegar suggestion months ago when I contracted poison ivy/oak (yet again!), the itchy, nearly-unbearable-at-times rash went away!! Wondrous!

    At first I didn’t think it was working since it took probably a full twenty minutes for me to experience any relief whatsoever from the vinegar, but then I noticed that I didn’t have the insane urge to itch, and over the next days, the rash appeared to be getting better and better.

    Believe it or not, I also applied kombucha to the rash. I relied mostly on the apple cider vinegar (I wouldn’t recommend non-raw) and will definitely be relying on this if/when I struggle with poison oak again. Also, I took a bath in water with two cups apple cider vinegar. Earlier I had ground up oats and soaked in that, too. Soothing.

    Hope this info helps anyone who has endured the woes of poison ivy/oak!!

    Thanks, Kelly!!

  3. Katrina,

    I wonder if there are doggie probiotics, because if he has a recurring issue with this, maybe that would help.


    I’m so glad to know the raw apple cider vinegar really works for the poison oak/ivy rash, too – I was only speculating that it might work when I originally suggested it!


  4. I got ringworm on my back several years ago, no idea how. It drove me nuts all spring, then went away. The next spring it came back and itched like blazes for a month, until my Mom both diagnosed it (I hadn’t bothered) and suggested vinegar. I put it on every morning and every night for about another month, until it was so gone I was sure it would stay gone. But the next year at the same time, it came back again. I started right away with the vinegar and just kept applying it all spring for good measure, though I would often skip a day (or three, lol). I haven’t had it back since. I used any old vinegar I could find, too, not necessarily raw apple cider. Never tried red wine vinegar, though.

  5. This is very helpful since we have a family member that struggles with recurring ringworm infections. I will tell you that the doctor with prescribe antifungal cream that you apply twice daily for four weeks. Yeah right. It usualy gets better at first, but then when I forget to put the cream on, it comes right back. I will look into these options. I especially like treating from the inside out with the probiotics.

  6. Hi Kelly. My mom was a career RN back in the day, and she used iodine on ringworm. Works like a charm and much quicker than the process you described.

    • That’s what we always used when I was a kid and I had it several times on my arms. We attributed it to cats, because I petted every cat that was in range stray or otherwise. But good old Iodine did the trick and pretty quick too.

  7. Amy,

    You took a probiotic and a natural antibiotic (coloidal silver) at the same time? I read in a forum recently that if you take those at the same time, they cancel each other out…? Although I suppose it would depend on which “bugs” the natural antibiotic went after – maybe they don’t attack the good guys. Anyone know about this?

    Also, Jim, I hadn’t heard of trying iodine, I’ll have to look into that one.

    Thanks for your comments everyone!


  8. Sorry, I keep forgetting to add something, so I have to do a new comment:

    Freedom First, it’s good to know that any old vinegar might do the trick just fine. Thank you!


  9. I just got rid of a ringworm with coconut oil and tea tree oil. Worked great. Morning and night for about 2 weeks.

  10. I probably should’ve tried harder with that remedy, but since mine was on the back of my neck, it was making my hair look greasy. It was bad enough having ringworm, I didn’t want to look like a greaseball, too!

    Thanks for letting us know how that works. :)

  11. I just read your article about your bout with ‘ringworm’, and thought I would tell you about using liquid silver for fungal infections (and other infections – google liquid silver). My sister-in-law fought a fungle foot infection for months (doctor perscriptions, etc.) and finally took 7 teaspoons of liquid silver for only two days, and her fungal infection cleared up immediately. I keep it on hand and take it for sore throats and other infections for only 2 or 3 days – maybe two to three teaspoons a day, and the infection clears up. I was told liquid silver was the antibiotic used before man thought they would make pencillin, etc. I guess they thought they were smarter than God. Another secret ‘out of the bag’ for us who need the Lord more than we need the ‘big drug lords’. Reba
    PS: My grandmother had me rub the juice of a walnut shell (the thick black shell that you have to hit with a hammer to get lose) around the outside of the rings of a ringworm. It disappeared quickly – Didn’t like walnuts!!

  12. Wow, you’re the 2nd person to mention Coloidal Silver. I like it for other things, but now will use it for ringworm if it ever comes back!

    Thanks, Kelly

  13. I’ve used collodial silver for pink eye, with good results. Of course when I told my eye doctor what I’d done, he said to “just call me next time”. I agree with the commenters that say the cures are there in nature for us; we just have to search them out.

    I’m so grateful for websites like this that empower us to live better, healthier, longer and stronger.

    You’ve helped ( as a vessel for Christ ) turn my way of thinking about food completely around and for that I thank you!


  14. Hi Lisa,

    God sure does crazy things sometimes, and I love how He does seem to use this blog in different ways (one of my hopes when I began) – it’s fun to hear about. Thanks for your sweet comment!


  15. Two years ago my sister traveled in India, Nepal and Thailand. She brought back a cool tattoo, great photos, stories of swimming with elephants and the ugliest, nastiest foot rot anyone has ever seen. My whole family has struggled with athelete’s foot for years but this is a whole new beast. It seems to attack the bottoms of our feet with little puss filled bumps and itchy flaky skin. Ga-ross.
    I have never been good about twice a day, every day rememdies (lord knows I should just do it – but it’s on my feet.. I need those things!) but we have found varying degrees of relief with both apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. In fact, years ago my sister got long lasting relief (possible cure with later reinfection) from “regular” atheletes foot by soaking her feet in apple cider vinegar every day for a couple weeks.
    Vinegar is amazing, amazing stuff :)

  16. Hi Kelly,

    I’m catching up on old posts (as I just found this blog recently) while I have a few days off work. Like Amy, I had to laugh when you said, “Yep, Ken’ts a lucky man … I’m quite a package!” Ha! Ha! You’re so cute … and sweet, too, to share your story (and everybody else as well). We’ve all been there, haven’t we, with something or other? And those of us that have spouses or significant others that love us through all of these types of things are truly blessed. And hopefully we do the same for them. Anyway, what great tips! And I’d love to know if anyone can suggest a good brand of the colloidal silver. Thanks everyone!

  17. My mom has been using a vinegar remedy for ringworm for quite some time. Hers is different in that you put pennies in the vinegar and let them soak for a few hours. Then you apply the vinegar two or three times a day until the ringworm is gone. Sounds crazy, but it works!

  18. Speaking of fungal infections and coconut oil– my baby got thrush at about a month old and the pediatrician ordered Nystatin drops 4 times a day which the baby hated! Not only was trying to give them to her hard because she cried, it didn’t even get rid of the problem. I didn’t want to go through that again so I decided to rub some coconut oil in her mouth each time she got done nursing. It didn’t take very many times before she got used to me doing that and didn’t mind AND it got rid of the thrush!

  19. I had fungal rashes for four years. Tried many different natural remedies. I also went to the Dr. and was put on Clotrimazole four times over the four years and flucanazole. After the meds it came back even worse on my face neck and eye. It also came back on my legs. It was very large areas of my legs. It was stressing me out so bad and very very itchy. Not to mention embarassing. Had to wear leggings in the summer with my skirts. I also tried acupuncture. The only thing that helped was a product my husband bought for me. It is from Market America called Isotonix OPC-3. It is expensive and can be purchased only from a distributer or Ebay(he got it on Ebay). I also had pretty bad allergies and have two cats which does not help my situation. I did not want to get rid of the cats. Within a couple weeks the rashes were almost completely gone.My allergies were unbelievably better. Not sure how it works. It has pychnogenol and grapeseed extract among a few other things. I went through the whole bottle within a month. I also will mention that I have also been eating more sugar than normal and have been out to eat more than I should. This stuff is amazing because usually my rashes would be extemely itchy after eating sugar and processed foods. The only downside to it is that it is about $55 a bottle and not sure if I will have to take as much for longer period of time to get the effects. I probably would not have to take as much if I ate better. I am just thrilled that I no longer look like a freak! I thank God because I had been praying about finding a natural remedy that works. This product also has many testimonials from Adhd to high blood pressure. Kelly, if you can tell me how it works that would be great. I know it is antioxidants. Do they just reverse free radicals and thats it? I hope this helps someone else.

  20. the green hull of the black walnut was always used with great success in getting rid of ringworm. the green hull was rubbed over the area, yes, it stains for a few days. no other treatment was needed. you could tape the hull over the spot, but we would just rub it on a few times and it was gone! walnut hulls are used for many types of parasites— internally as well as externally. Hulda Clark’s books have remedies that utilize the walnut hull for parasite problems.

  21. Oh! I know this is really late, but in case it comes back:

    my Grandpa would always put either straight iodine on it, or (I know this sounds crazy, but it WORKED) he would burn a cotton ball on an axe, and then rub the ashes onto the ringworm, and it would be gone the next day. I promise I’m not making this stuff up!!!

    • Marissa, I believe you! I think natural cures are so interesting and I’m sure there are so many I don’t even now about!

    • Sarah, I don’t know how I missed your comment but I’m just seeing it now! I’m going to look into this, thank you!

  22. Kelly,
    Thanks for all the good info on your blog and especially for sharing the ringworm story. I had been praying about a fungal infection I’ve had for 30 years it’s called tinea versicolor. A cousin of ringworm but a very itchy, unsightly nuisance. Right after praying I saw your post. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies on this but not vinegar. I started using the Eden Foods raw vinegar (a Michigan product)last week and the improvement is amazing. My skin feels different. It’s making my skin an unfriendly host for this nasty. I’m so thankful. I thought you’d like to know what a blessing you are! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for being willing to share even a possibly touchy subject.

  23. Are you ready for my ring worm story? When I was in kindergarten I contracted ring worm in my scalp–a nasty place to get it. When the treatments for it didn’t work my mom had the barber come to our house and I had to have my long thick locks of hair shaved off. I missed quite a bit of kindergarten, I’m glad my mom kept me home during my bald phase. Actually, I had to have my head shaved twice as I developed a secondary infection due to something–maybe the treatment. I am glad I was young, I survived. And my hair grew in even thicker than it was before. I wish mom would have known about some alternate methods of treating it. My daughter has been fighting a toe fungal infection–very tenacious beasts. I am going to pass the info. on to her. Thanks.

  24. I know I’m really late on this conversation, but I just found your website. I’ve gotten several cases of ring worm…each one harder to get rid of than the previous. The first time I got it I used black walnut extract which worked wonderfully. I got it another time and did the same with tea tree oil. Then I got it again and had to get cream from my doctor. It would not go away. Then next time I got it, I went through an over the counter cream and then two from the doctor. Nothing worked–not the tea tree oil, not the black walnut extract which I took internally and externally.

    I also tried this amazon tea stuff. I would sit there with tea bags on my infected spot. My chiropractor mentioned iodine which I think was starting to work. By that time, though, the ringworm was about 3 inches across, and my sis made me an appointment with a dermatologist. The doctor gave me internal medicine to take for 2 weeks–the nasty stuff that when you take for extended periods of time, you have to get your liver checked. At that point, I just wanted the ring worm gone!!! Luckily, it went away. But, it seems to get stronger every time.

    I never thought about probiotics, though. I’m hoping that I never get it again. Oh, and I don’t know why I got it, but every time I do get it, it’s in the same place.

    Anyway, it is a yucky thing to discuss, but on the other hand, it’s a reality and it’s nice to hear that other people have different remedies to try and have had similar experiences. I’m looking forward to looking at the rest of the site.

  25. Yes, we use iodine too. It takes one application and a second application about 3 days later (just in case you missed a few spores the first time) and that’s it. Much quicker and simpler process.

    We do cover it w/ a band-aid since iodine will stain clothing.

  26. I have ringworm,picked it up at work and ignored it because I didn’t realize what it was.It started under my watch and I thought it was excema, next it was on my back and put cortisone cream on it which made it grow very large very quickly. I almost have it beat. I mixed up a solution of one bottle nizoral shampoo with one bottle of tea tree oil in a spray bottle.Spray on the spots and let sit for a few minutes.Rinse off and let your body air dry. Then I use canesten cream on all the spots.1/2 way through the day I spray an anti-itch athletes foot spray because my ringworm friends are extremely itchy. The spots have gone from a furious red to all dry and flaky. At the end of the day,same deal spritx,shower and apply the cream. Nizoral and canesten are anti-fungals that break down the cell wall of the fungus killing it and preventing it from multiplying.Wash your sheets every day, wear cotton pyjamas to absorb any sweat and keep you dry.I also have been taking probiotics, milk thistle and have cut out sugar which aggravates the condition.When I am completely cured I am having laser therapy to remove any scarring.

  27. I had ringworm for nearly my entire pregnancy, and then a year and a half later it came back because it had been living all that time on a pair of sunglasses I had been wearing while pregnant. During the pregnancy I tried almost everything to get rid of it, problem was it was on my face…all over my face. I tried the vinegar on it which seemed to work the best for a period of time but it left what looked like second degree burn marks where the rings were…all over my face. I then started trying tea tree oil shampoo and body wash which helped clear it up the rest of the way just intime for me to be ringwormless when my baby arrived.
    This time around (which I am almost done with) I’ve had it for about I think 4 months as it is particularly resistent to everything I’ve tried. The shampoo and body wash that worked to finish it off last time, it just laughs at now. What I finally found that has done wonders and is very natural and good for the skin? Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads from It is amazing! It has done wonders and I’m so thankful for it. You can also try to find it in your local naturalistic stores, like Sunspot or Nature’s Pharm. I found it online at a naturalistic store in California but there is the direct route through the site I listed. Nearly everything from Desert Essence has a special tea tree and lavendar oil blend. It has been my savior!

  28. I used just tea tree oil on ringworm on my son and it worked wonderfully! Then, my 8yo had a mild case of athlete’s foot. I rubbed her feet with tea tree oil and coconut oil every night and put cotton socks on her. It dissappeared within a week. Don’t you just love those natural remedies? Now, if I could just find the ‘cure’ for hot flashes and joint pain associated with menopause…LOL!

  29. Tea tree oil is what I used for the ring worm my little boy had. It worked. It did take a long time (maybe up to 4 weeks or so), it was on his face and I didn’t want the tea tree to irritate too much so I would only apply it twice a day.

  30. ACV is my cure all. I had some of this develop on top of my foot and I tried tea tree but it didnt really help. One dose of oil of oregano cleared it up itching and all.

  31. Thank you so much for the links to the probiotics. I can’t eat yogurt. It seriously triggers a gag reflex that I just can’t ignore. I’ve tried all kinds of yogurts (including some homemade by a friend), various flavors and still just get it in my mouth before I have to spit it out because I’m gagging. I don’t eat pickles or kraut for the same reason and that makes me hesitate to even try kefir or kombucha.
    I know the probiotics are important for over-all health, but I never realized the lack could be why I get recurring ring worm infections.
    I’m ordering some now from your links. And I’m absolutely going to try the vinegar!

  32. I use coconut oil daily as a body lotion, and about two weeks ago I had ringworm show up on the back of my hand. Now I have several on there plus one on my other arm. Since coconut oil is antifungal why would this happen? I also take probiotics and eat healthy. I have continued to use the coconut oil, but I am going to give the ACV a try. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your information.

  33. Swear by probiotics. Stomach issues my whole life. They have done wonders for me. Discovered them after a bad reaction to a Zpack. My boyfriend has horrible ringworm. Goes away. Comes Back. Think I finally convinced him on the probiotics. Gonna try the coconut and tea trea oil too. Italian. He already gets enough garlic.

  34. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  35. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  36. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  37. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  38. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  39. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  40. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  41. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  42. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  43. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  44. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  45. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  46. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  47. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  48. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  49. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  50. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  51. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  52. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  53. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  54. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  55. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  56. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  57. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  58. We used tea tree oil when it hit us, and it worked perfectly! Immediately started reducing and was gone in a week.

  59. I’ve had to deal with my first bout of ringworm several tmes over and everytime it comes back (about 6-12 months inbetween) it gets harder to get rid of. I’ve tried vinegar, tea tree oil, tea tree + lavendar oil, plus many may more things. It always comes back on my face, so I have to be careful around my eyes and mouth. I’ve found 1 thing that works consistently each time…tea tree oil facial cleansing pads from It has all natural ingredients on them, and has been my savior several times now.

  60. Kelly, I keep getting a million of these updates…the same one over and over and over, maybe 100 a day! How do I make it stop?? :0)

    • Lori, I’m sorry!!! I’m not sure why there’s some sort of glitch happening here.

      View this comment on the site, and down below the box where you can leave another comment, click “manage subscriptions” and you should be able to turn comments off for this post.

      Again, I’m sorry for the trouble!


  61. My littlest *3* has a case of scalp ringworm right now. We are seeing a natural doc and he immediately took him off all sugar and told me to increase his veggies, meat and fats. We are on our 4th week (discovery period) with different herbal remedies, over the counters, and topical things- right now we are using Burbur internal and external plus another drop for the immune system. It has worked better than all the other stuff, but those worked for a few days also… sometimes it takes time. When you have scalp ringworm or a case that continues to return, it’s systemic… which means it MUST be treated from within and you MUST watch how you eat (no refined things, sugars, starches). Think Bacon! :)

    I’ve also read (been researching a ton) that making your PH more acidic can help (which I’m assuming probiotics might also do?) and taking certain essential oils might do also… I’m wondering if Oregano Oil is highly acidic? I know that grapefruits make my mouth break out in ulcers – so I’m assuming it’s crazy acidic, which is why it might be working on fungal infections (read a bunch of good cases with this).

    One thing I hear over and over is to keep CLEAN and DRY, keep your house CLEAN and bleach surfaces (you have to be careful about using too much bleach – my natural doctor swears by Thieves cleaner, but I am not sure if it’s as antifungal as it claims to be, tho we are using it religiously – I spray the mattresses and couches and carpet with it daily). We wash our sheets, blankets, towels, hats, sleeping bags, and rugs after EVERY USE. We scrub the bathrooms and vacuum every other day. The cats went outside in quarantine immediately when we found out how contagious it is.

    We are in the battle, so I don’t have a final answer, but we drink kombucha almost daily and eat sour kraut and drink raw milk when we can get it, too – I even use the Culturelle kid probiotic powders for my little guys (who like the taste of kombucha). We eat pretty “paleo” so we did not find it too difficult to go off sugar. We’ve had fun finding substitute recipes for some of the sweet things we missed.

    I’m going to blog about our experience when I’m done suffering through it. Praying that God heals my little guy (who currently is the only one of my 4 kids who has a scalp infection – although all of us but Dad got it bodily). Right now, I feel like God has it “in check”, but I would love to see it go away quickly. We have another trip to see the natural doc tomorrow and I’ll see what he says. If he gives me the go-ahead, I’m planning to try some things I have read about online:

    Blue Star Ointment, Oregano Oil (we’ve used Thieves & Tea Tree and are still using it with some results), Iodine, Black Walnut Extract, and I know this sounds crazy, but dry ice. My husband used dry ice as a kid on acne on his back and it cleared it up within days. My daughter tried freezing one of her spots today on her arm and it certainly looks different (she used salt with the ice to make it sub-zero). Jury is out on whether it helped. We’re all going to take up some acidic foods, too. Maybe we’ll become coffee addicts – hahaha – although I have heard a report that you should avoid caffeine.

    I do know one thing for sure, and I’m sure you’ll agree: RINGWORM SUCKS

    • April,

      I have been in the same battle as you since January and from a new kitten we got for Christmas, except I have 4 with it on their scalps; the youngest got it at 4 months and is 7 months now. We have been through the ringer. Has been the most exhausting 5 months of my life treating and cleaning all…day…long. I would LOVE to compare notes with you to see what has worked and what hasn’t. I too have been working with two different natural practitioners. I am determined not to give them the harsh anti-fungals.


  62. I do use apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil for some things, but when my son had ringworm on the back of his neck – I gave him a homepathic remedy -2-3 doses and it cleared up completely. No stinky stuff and very gentle and easy to work on it internally! I have used homeopathy for 25 years and we are getting ready for our annual conference in Fort Worth. I highly encourage all of you to check it out! It Works! and is very gentle and will help other issues too- mental and physical!

  63. I just want to thank you for the probiotic information. I have had reoccurring ring worm on the back of my neck for several years now. I had it so long because I didn’t know what it was at first and I was putting oils and creams on it because it felt dry–not knowing that it just made it grow. Once I found out what it was, I used the anti-fungal cream until the symptoms ceased. But it would return after about 6 months. For the last week, I’ve tried the probiotic with the anti-fungal cream and it has worked tremendously! It seemed to get worse before it got better, though. Thanks again!

  64. I’m not sure that I got ringworm:(… circular black colour and itchy on my thigh…I’m so worried about it…how can I confirm this?Can u give me advice? Thanks:)

  65. I wish I had taken a picture of the classic ring on my arm and a picture of it 20 minutes after applying clove oil diluted with olive oil. I believe this is my third occurrence of ring worm. The first time it was there for weeks and slowly cleared. The second time, I tried clove oil. (Dilute it or it will sting like mad, especially if the skin is broken. ) The next day I happened to have a check up with a dermatologist who thought it was exema because it was nearly gone. If I recall it was gone in 3 days using clove oil.

    But THANK YOU for the probiotic information. I was suspecting something fungal this time because I have just finished my second course of antibiotics in just 6 weeks. I have stepped up my probiotic supplements and plan to research better ones to stop any recurrences.

  66. This old post has helped me bunches in the last week.
    I had what I (and my husband) thought was a persistent cystic acne spot on the nape of my neck for about a month before it actually became ring-shaped.
    My ND’s only suggestion was oregano oil applied directly. Bummed with such little info, I came to the internet. Your post, I’m sure, is what I credit with my speedy turnaround.
    I applied undiluted Bragg’s ACV with minced garlic in it, really scrubbing it in, 2-5 times per day for 4 days. After the ACV was dried, i rubbed on a mix of coconut oil, oregano oil, honey, and tea tree, also for 4 days. By this point my ring rose to the surface, scabbed over, and was easily rubbed off with the coconut oil mix.
    That was 4 days ago, now I am using Derma-e Skinbiotics (tea tree & oregano anti-fungal cream) any time I walk by the bathroom. You can’t even see a ring shape anymore and the itching is 90% gone.
    It looks so much better. I intend to keep with the Skinbiotics cream for at least 4 more weeks to be sure it won’t come back. I am also preventively rubbing it in about 6″ along my hairline in either direction.

  67. is tea tree oil or oregano oil safe to use during pregnancy? I’m 16 weeks along and have been battling this ringworm for about a month and applied garlic directly around my abdomen (out of frustration and hope in natural remedies because OTC stuff wasn’t working. as a matter of fact, it was spreading!) and the garlic burned the different lesions! Ouch. I didn’t realize how potent a paste would be and didn’t know I should dilute it. :( Some lesions now looked scabbed, some are blistered. It’s a nightmare. I’m going to apply some aloe on it tomorrow (need to finally go get that plant) in hopes that the blisters will cool down and not pop. However, I have to find a way to treat the ringworm still so that it goes away for good, but not irritate the areas that were burned in the process AND without harming the little human I’m carrying. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

    • I’m also pregnant at 7wks. I’ve had ringworms and a few bc I teach preschool and always exposed to them. I started with one on my belly and used some meds my dermatologist had prescribed but soon I was getting more and they were not clearing up. After two weeks and no progress I went back to dermatologist and its Pityriasis Rosea. It’s starts with one patch(mother) and then more(daughters). He prescribed another clear cream and it is helping. He also have me something for the itching (pills) but when I looked it up and it was also used to treat anxiety I trashed them. This developes egged the body believes to have a virus, which in this case it’s thinking the pregnancy.

  68. Neem is a herb which is anti-fungal and safer than tea tree, can use neem tea or neem seed oil.

  69. My husband and I just contracted ringworm from our cat about 5 days ago (three rings each right now). We have been treating it with ACV and tea tree oil 2-3 times each day. Neither of us have experienced itching yet, and his rings seem to be fading, but my skin is only peeling on the inside of the ring and burns (quite a bit) when I apply our ACV/tea tree mix. First, I am wondering if I should push through the burning (which I definitly don’t mind doing if it’s helping), or is it a sign that it’s not healing or is negitively affecting the ringworm/my skin? Second, you mentioned probiotics helping from the inside-out, but do you know if a prebiotic (inulin from Jerusalem artichoke extract) would help? I have been a type 1 diabetic for 10 years and have been taking this extract recently in an attempt to see if this would help insulin productivity at all. I have slacked for the last few days, but I’ll get back on this to see if the prebiotic helps at all…

    • Rachel,
      Remember I’m not a doctor or anywhere close, but personally, I’d push through if the burning was only a little, but if it felt really bad or like it was really irritating your skin I’d stop. Then use some coconut oil for healing in between the other applications. I don’t know about the prebiotic, might be worth asking a naturopath.

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