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Creamy Dreamy Dessert in a Cloud (Grain-Free!)

Dessert in a cloud

Don’t you love knowing that the whole saturated fat myth is behind us (for those of us who now know better) and we can enjoy foods with real cream guilt-free?! This grain-free dessert came from my friend Amy at bible study a while back, and she followed this “Raspberry Fool” recipe. I made some variations and came up with a couple of different versions…

Strawberry Dessert in a Cloud

Kent likes anything strawberry better than raspberry so that’s what I made, but you could use any berries you like or whatever is in season.

strawberries meas cupThese amounts serve 3-4 people or so.

  • Thaw 2 cups of berries, saving the juice. (Or if you’re using fresh, just crush about half a cup extra so you can use those juices.)
  • Whip up 2 cups of real cream, never buy ultra-pasteurized! I use my Bosch so it’s quick and hands-free.
  • When the cream is almost stiff, whip in 1/2 cup of sugar and the berry juice.
  • Fold in the berries, leaving streaks through the cream, and serve in a wine glass with extra berries for a fun look.
  • Enjoy!

whipped cream in BoschPeanut Butter Chocolate Dessert in a Cloud

  • Same as above to start: whip up 2 cups of real cream, never buy ultra-pasteurized! I use my Bosch so it’s quick and hands-free.
  • When cream is almost stiff, whip in 1/4 cup organic peanut butter and 1/4 cup store bought or homemade chocolate syrup.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. I wish I could do dairy. And coconut milk just doesn’t set up as thick and delicious. Maybe something to thicken the coconut milk? Hmmm… wheels are spinning…..

    • You can buy coconut cream, actually. Otherwise, go with Mimicreme which is a cashew cream – 2 varieties are available (the liquid creamer type and the thicker type for folding into sweet stuff as a whipped cream). We have several with dairy allergies in our family, too. We often have to buy stuff like this online if we can’t get it around here.

      • Thanks! My whole family has a multitude of allergies. It’s so hard keeping up with all of them. Is there a good organic source for coconut cream? I usually just strain the fat from the chilled coconut milk. I will check into Mimicreme. Sounds yummy. But I can’t have too many nut products at once or my body freaks out too. Sigh.

        • Same with us and the nut products, but we don’t use it that much. Of course, the packaging is hermetically sealed stuff that people have said has BPA, so you might want to check into that. I saw on Pinterest you can make your own from almonds or other nuts but I haven’t tried it. As for coconut cream, my imperfect solution is that we go to a large city every few months and load up on stuff like that from the Chinese Grocery Market. A large one has a better variety. I’d think Indian Grocery would have it, too. Maybe it’s online. We just get Gluten Free pasta and flour there at the same time and do other errands in town.

          • Yeah I just checked out the Mimiccreme and it seems to not be available anywhere. It’s all on backorder. What a shame that such an alternative product would be packaged with BPA. I have tried making whipped cream just out of coconut cream but it just doesn’t set up as thick. I will have to check out pinterest! I’d be game for trying that recipe.

  2. Felicity,
    You can add a little gelatin to coconut cream or coconut milk to make a coconut panna cotta…it’s not so “whipped” but it is a wonderful dessert….we have dairy allergies here so use coconut milk for most everything.


  3. Do you have a dehydrator? I like to dehydrate them and then eat them as a snack, or grind them up and blend into yogurt, icing, pancake batter, etc.

  4. Make jam! Easy peasy! Use Pomona’s pectin & you can choose how much sugar to put in. :)

  5. Obviously, homemade shortcake with homemade vanill and maple syrup whipped cream 😉

  6. Last night I made in the Vitamix: 1 cup raw cream, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 cup coconut sugar, 1lb frozen strawberries. AMAZING instant ice cream! :-)

  7. From The Unintentional Urban Farmer: Ingredients:
    1 pint strawberries, hulled
    3 tablespoons honey
    2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice, or to taste
    1 1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) unsalted butter, softened

    In a food processor purée the strawberries and force the purée through a fine sieve into a saucepan. Add the honey and the lemon juice and boil the mixture, stirring, for 3 minutes, or until it is thickened. Let the strawberry mixture cool to room temperature. In a bowl cream together the butter and the strawberry mixture. Let the butter stand, covered, in a cool place for 1 hour to allow the flavors to develop.
    This butter is delicious, especially on whole grain bagels!

  8. Cut them up and put them in a saucepan. Cook them until you can mash them with a potato masher. Add 2-3 tbsp chia seeds and honey to your desired sweetness. It thickens as it cools. I put it into glass jars. I have used all different berries and use it as jam or just to eat! Yummy

  9. I’ve been doing lots of jello! 1 lb strawberries, mashed to a pulp + 1/2 c sugar (or to taste) + 1 cup of cold water that’s had 2 packets gelatin sat in it for a while and then heated just to the point of boiling. Stir together and then freeze so it’s ready faster :-)

  10. Freeze whole berries for future use. You can then use them in gluten free muffins, cakes, make gluten free pies with them or freezer jam!

  11. I made strawberry lemonade concentrate last year and canned it. It was nice to have strawberry lemonade in the winter. I got the recipe from Ball.

  12. Lay out on a sheet pan in one layer. Place in freezer. When frozen store in portions in vacuum bags. Then you can make smoothies or desserts all year long ( if they last that long) without having a mushy mess. They tend to stay more solid when they thaw that way. Berries tossed with honey and cinnamon are delish alone. But I like the chia idea, without cooking the berries….

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