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Cooking Brussels Sprouts is Simple… and I’m Seriously Addicted {Brussels Sprouts with a sweet spicy dipping sauce}

Cooking Brussels Sprouts

Did you know that cooking Brussels sprouts is very simple?

It’s true, and I can’t get enough of these things. It became serious even when it was only your average, run-of-the-mill roasted veggie addiction. (Mmmm, roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese, crispy roasted Brussels sprouts, or fried cabbage recipe…) But now, NOW it’s worse, because I’ve discovered the sauce. I saw something similar on Facebook that called for a fancy hot pepper sauce, but I had Franks in the fridge (which has a short, recognizable and pronounceable ingredient list), so that’s what I used, and wow, my mouth and I were very happy. Kent and the kids were all over it, too. Here’s how I did it…

Start by making these, it’s so simple: Crispy Roasted Brussels sprouts

Now that you see how easy cooking Brussels sprouts is, next, this sauce step is optional but oh so unbelievably DREAMY, the spicy and sweet go perfectly together…

Stir together equal parts of your favorite hot sauce and real maple syrup – about 1 Tablespoon of each per person you’re serving. You could also use raw honey instead of syrup, and I think experimenting with different hot sauces would be fun, too. My sister is diabetic and uses just the hot sauce over top of her veggies and says she’s just as addicted. :)

You can use it for a dipping sauce, or just pour it over the top and ENJOY.

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  1. Isn’t that funny! Up until last year I had NEVER tasted a brussels sprout let alone even had a remote desire to try one. Then we were at Salt of the Earth in Fennville and another couple had them as an appetizer and forced me to try one. I have been addicted since. We broil them with Braggs and they taste like potato chips. Who would of thought that vegetables could not only be good for you but taste so good?

  2. I grew up loving every veggie there is but Brussel Sprouts are my absolute favorite. I will try any recipe I can find with them. I raised my son the same way and they are one of his favorites.

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