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How is Colloidal Silver Used at Our House? Antibacterial, Acne, Ear Aches

How is Colloidal Silver Used at Our House?

Colloidal Silvercan be used orally (by mouth) and topically (on your skin). If you do a Google search you’ll quickly find a range of opinions from “Colloidal Silver is worthless” to “Colloidal Silver is a miracle cure!”

My personal opinion is that it may help some people, but not others. Or it may help you with certain issues, but not for others. I find it sad and frustrating that doctors have long ago written colloidal silver off as a farce, when there have obviously been many reports of its benefits. These days, you’ll only hear natural practitioners recommending its use.

Here’s where to buy Colloidal Silveronline, which is usually cheaper than buying it at the health food store.

We’ve had some great results in our family, so I’ll just share our experiences, and you can decide from there…

  • If my kids have a cold or sore throat, I’ll give them colloidal silver orally, and each time it helps them. Coincidence? Maybe, who knows for sure? But I don’t think so, it’s happened too many times. (Update: See this post from Sarah with precautions: Why I never swallow colloidal silver. I’m not sure I’d do this anymore based on her recommendations.)
  • Thankfully our teenager doesn’t have much acne, but he does have outbreaks now and then, mostly when he is eating too many refined carbs. (This is the #1 piece of advice for acne: eliminate or severely reduce the refined carbs in your diet, like sugar, white flour & pasta, etc.) Here’s what I have him do: alternate putting colloidal silver on topically with a cotton ball one night before bed, and the next night do the same with virgin coconut oil. This helps as long as he’s not eating a lot of junk. (By the way, don’t do this before school, or it makes for a shiny, embarrassing face…this doesn’t go over well with teenagers for some reason.) In researching for this post, I’ve read more about this and decided to try and get him to also take colloidal silver orally when he has an acne outbreak.
  • Read the comments at the ringworm/fungal infections post, a couple people share how colloidal silver helped them when using it topically and orally. (Please comment at that post and let us know if it helps you.

PLEASE share your experiences in using colloidal silver!!

Keep in mind there are some rotten brands that are less expensive – I’ve tried them and to me, they just seem like weaker forms of the real deal.

How much to take?

Just follow the instructions on the bottle. There are some reports online concerning whether or not you can get too much silver, but from what I’ve read, at both the “for” and “against” sites, this is only a risk when you’re taking huge doses over a very long period of time.

However, remember, I’m not a doctor, I’m only sharing my personal experience with you. Do a little more reading yourself and then decide.

Now it’s your turn, I hope you’ll comment below and let us know what you have used colloidal silver for. Even if you’ve had a not-so-good experience with it, please tell us that, too!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    Mike and I both take use CS as a nasal spray once a week during cold season, and daily when a cold or sinus irritation sets in. Over and over we believe it has helped us to stay healthy or knock out a virus before it can really take hold.

  2. Kelly – I’ve never taken collidal silver, but I did use silvedeen when I had a horrible burn last year (my arm met a pam coming out of a 400 degree convection oven!) I couldn’t believe how WELL and how quickly my burn healed, considering it was 2nd degree/borderline 3rd degree (I did have some nerve damage).

    HOWEVER – when I read your post, my mind immediately went to the story I read in a magazine about a year ago about a man who took silver for all sorts of things on a regular basis….. he now has permanently BLUE skin! He looked almost like a guy from “Blue Man Group”, though not as deep…. but it was freaky. He had been using it regularly for various things, mainly taking it orally and one day – he woke up BLUE. It will never go away, he’s blue forever…….. It kind of freked me out and I’ve never researched it any further…… do you know ANY thing about that potential side effect?


    • The man with blue skin made his own Colloidal Silver at home and drank a lot of it daily.

      I don’t worry about using Soveriegn Silver on a limited basis, such as with colds. I hold some under my tongue, and also use a dropperful in a nebulizer along with other homeopathic remedies. It is wonderful!

    • The Collodial silver and that story regarding the blue man he was using homemade silver and he had been taking it long term and I think you take silver for an issue, you don’t t just drink everyday like it is water! Who does that? The new small collodial silver has super small penetrating molecules it is superior to anything anyone is going to make at home. It is better to buy the A —–23 – brand my doctor think it one of most , amazing and poweful antibiotics, you will never turn blue from it. .

      • I believe the Blue Man made his own silver using tap water rather than distilled water which is an important thing to remember when making your own cs at home.

  3. Liz, thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas! :)

    Shauna, you reminded me, docs DO still use silver – for burn treatment, I’d forgotten that.

    About the blue guy, yeah, he shows up whenever you do a Google search on silver, but from my understanding he took a TON of it, and over a LONG period of time.


  4. I saw the “blue guy” on Oprah, and he talked about drinking tumblers full of the stuff! He literally poured it over ice and drank several of these each day! My doctor at the Born Clinic directed me to purchase the CS when both Mike and I had very long lingering sinus symptoms and coughs after a cold. She handed me the little nasal spray bottles and gave us specific instructions to use it once per day while ill, and one to two times per week for prevention, especially during cold/flu season. I had no idea that I could use the stuff topically, so I’m going to have to remember that tip!

  5. Kelly,

    Do you (or any of your lovely readers) know how long colloidal silver is “good”? I ask because I want to order some and am unsure of which sized bottle to get. Do you refrigerate after opening or no? Any size recommendations?


    ~Julie :)

    P.S. Some time ago you posted a recipe calling for crystallized ginger, which I printed and now I forgot where I filed it. :) Do you happen to remember which recipe that is? I don’t need the whole recipe…just the name and then I’ll know where I filed it. :)

  6. Oh, good topic, Kelly!

    I researched colloidal silver last winter after having a friend recommend it for a natural germ fighter. This is what I remember, although I confess it was over a year ago and so I don’t still have the links I found most informative; nor can I guarantee no fallacies in my memory. After doing the readings, these were my concerns and I have not yet had time to do more research or come to any final decision.

    1) It is not just the one guy who is blue. Up until the 1930s or so, silver (probably various forms, but I’m not sure) was routinely used to fight various infections. But occasionally people would turn blue. Because there seemed to be no consistency in who turned blue and who did not, and with the introduction of immunizations and antibiotics, and other medical “breakthroughs” the use of silver gradually diminished. One condition for which it was still used up until about the 70s was for sinus congestion/ infections. This came in a spray and was inhaled. Still periodically someone would turn blue. Again, there seemed to be a wide variety of dosages that led to this condition. Because the medical professionals could not determine a safe dose, its use was mostly discontinued. The use of silver as a germ killer (I think broad spectrum- viral, bacterial, fungal…) has a long respected tradition. But there was just this periodic blue thing that they could never predict.

    2) Some methods of preparing the colloidal silver are better than others. It has to do with the kind of suspension the silver hangs in or something. Or what kind of reactor is used on the silver to suspend it. The less good methods are thought to be much more likely to produce this blue condition (again, I can’t remember details, it all seemed too complicated to me at the time, so I left it drop).

    Like everything else in the alternative health field the production and marketing is unregulated, so it is buyer beware. There are many solutions you can buy called colloidal silver. There are various machines and agents you can purchase to make your own. But, again, all these things need to be researched and each person needs to make their own decisions. I know several people who swear by a small daily dose to avoid all the little runny noses, cold sores, impetigo, flus, etc that my family seems to be constantly plagued with.

    I would love to hear from someone who has all the facts and info in a “lay person” format. Because of all the variables I’ve been apprehensive to start. I’d hate to turn one of my beautiful children blue because of buying the wrong thing. But, yet, I am drawn to the idea of fewer bugs.

    Thanks for bringing this up.


  7. Julie, the site with the candied ginger was the chicken salad – a tip for you though: if you type in “ginger” in the search box at the top of the blog, that recipe will come right up!

    As far as how long it’s good for, I don’t know, but here’s the company number for Sovereign Silver: 1-888-328-8840. Let us know what you find out! Sorry, I can’t call, we’re leaving town tomorrow, lots to do! (Ask them about refrigeration, too – I don’t keep mine cold, but maybe I’m suppposed to?) I always buy the 8oz. size because we go through it fairly fast, especially when our teen is using it topically.

    Mary, I know what you mean. Figuring it all out is a full time job! There’s some good info at the Sovereign Silver site…granted, they sell it, so keep that in mind, but I still think they have some valid information there:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. We have used CS for nearly 10 years and is a standard in our household. Our daughter had pink eye and within 15 hours COMPLETELY gone. Silver has been used for hundreds of years. The term blue blood comes from royalty using silver utensils and silver being accidently ingested through the use. Making CS is the only way. You can make CS for pennies versus spending way too much from the store.

  9. Hi Rich,

    How did you learn to make CS and how in the world were you confident enough at it to know you were doing it correctly??

    Never thought of it for pink eye! :)


  10. My husband cut his leg with a chain saw a few years ago. Thankfully he was with someone and they helped him walk up to the house. I poured colloidal silver on it. I continued that several times a day for about a week until it was scabbed and clean looking. It cleared up with no expensive visit to the ER and no infection! The kids were looking at his knee the other day and had a hard time even finding the scar! This makes it sound like it wasn’t a bad cut, but trust me, it was. It was all I could do to keep from passing out. CS is a staple in our house and not just for chain saw accidents.

  11. Hi Barbara,

    Wow, what a great testimony! I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to trust that it would work, though. I’m not saying I don’t believe that it can do what you said, I know it’s powerful stuff, but if for some reason it didn’t work one time, I’d feel terrible. That’s great that it worked so well for your husband!

  12. Just be cautious if you have allergies with silver. I tried this on a horrid sunburn and while I’m sure it’s a wonderful treatment it just made my sunburn rashy and itchy. However the vinegar worked great! >.>

    I didn’t know it was a silver allergy until then. I figured it was just the other metals from my jewelry that caused problems. I have similar problems even with gold.

  13. I used cs for an ear infection and any time i felt one coming on i used cs straight away and it did the job. Recently my daughter had a sore throat and swollen tonsils that looked badly infected once i remembered to use cs her throat cleared up in less than 24hrs.

  14. Hi All.
    The condition that turns people blue is called argyria and although quite dramatic in appearence is quite rare. I have seen it suggested that the pharmacuetical companies have blown it out of proportion as widespread acceptance of colloidal silver will obviously damage their profits. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

    Argyria is not just caused by the quantity of of CS consumed, it is caused by the size of the silver particle. Relatively large particles get trapped under the skin and reacte with sunlight, turning blue or grey. Apart from that (medically speaking) argyria is harmless, though of course it will cause social problems.

    Nearly all cases of argyria are associated with home made CS using your own generator. Now there are some very good generators out there, but some do make the larger particle size which get trapped under the skin.

    Modern Colloidal Silvers usually use tiny nano-particles which are small enough to enter red blood cells and travel anywhere that the blood travels and will always pass out out body. According the US Evironmental Protection Agency, most silver will pass through the body within 24 hours. It does not accumulate in the body like other metals causing health problems (except for argyria if the particles are large). You can find out more about it at:

    My partner suffered from cancer and the tumours had burst through the side of her body. It was terrible. The tumours emitted a thick yellowish smelly discharge which was full of bacteria. We sprayed it direct with CS and she took it orally too. The controlled the smell and discharge was not so thick and was more managable.

    In the interest of being open with you all, I’m going to tell that I do actually market an advanced form of Colloial Silver. I tell you this, so you can take it into account as obviously somebody that markets it will be pro CS, so you can take it into account when reading my comments.

  15. I hear a lot of the same statements too, I find it interesting that there is such a division on this topic. Personally, I think silver is a beneficial supplement. I take it three times a week to help my immune system and have used it to help with sickness and infections. Thanks for sharing all this great info on this subject.

  16. When I found Colloidal Silver 4 years ago I was amazed at how this worked as a great alternative to conventional treatments for illness and infections. I have used it to clear up numerous of my own ear infections, my children’s pink eye, skin problems, sore throat, etc. My only problem is that much of our family (both sides) have researched this natural cure and of course have read about people turning blue. Now they make us feel like we’re foolish for taking this and especially for giving it to our children. I truly do not believe any of us are going to turn blue from this. We only take it when we have something coming on and want to prevent it from getting worse. So it’s use is occasional and the dosage is lower than the amount the bottle says you can take. It doesn’t take much to see the benefit. I personally feel that it is a greater risk to take prescribed antibiotics and I’m not sure if they would even be a last resort for my children. My son is now 4 and he has not once been to the doctor. Neither has my 18 month-old daughter. We have been able to treat everything at home…and it’s not that often anyone even gets sick. Colloidal Silver is a great way to keep you out of that doctor’s office!! If only our families would be more supportive.

  17. Hi Rebecca,

    I know how difficult it is when family or friends aren’t on board with your more natural way of life, but wow, your healthy kids have GOT to make them stop and think! Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll bet you’ll eventually win at least *some* of them over. However, some just will never “get” it, no matter what, but oh well. That doesn’t change the fact that we’re obviously on the right track.

    BTW, be sure to read the other comments above if you haven’t already, they talk about the “blue guy”. :)


  18. I quit using name brand deodorant awhile back because of the aluminum and whatever other chemicals are in it. I got the natural deodorant stick and it worked OK. But one day I took a bottle of the colloidal silver I had(spray bottle) and sprayed it under my arms(about 2 squirts each) and it worked great! No odor at all! I have been using it ever since. Oh and my under arms are not blue! :)

  19. I make my own from this website’s instructions:
    I used the first method,with the aquarium bubbler. I don’t really trust it enough to drink it, but for use it for external use. I tested it by putting a plant in a cup of solution and a plant in regular water. After a few weeks, the silver plant hadn’t changed at all – no crud in the water and no growth on the plant. The control plant had sprouted roots and gathered algae and crud in the water. This convinced me that I had colloidal silver – and never to pour it down the drain for fear of ruining my septic tank. After a year I tested it again and it didn’t work – I guess all the silver fell out of solution.

  20. Interesting comments – one small correction to RIch Z’s comment on the origin of the term “blue blood”: it’s actually from the Spanish royal family & nobility who, to distinguish themselves from the darker-skinned peasants (or from the Moors), claimed that their blood was blue because it looked blue through their fair skin. Silverware was not in common use at the time the phrase was coined.

  21. I’ve been using colloidal silver for a few years. I’ve used it for eye infections, acne, and sore throats. I started using it after I had blood poisoning from my cat scratching me. Every time she scratches me now I hold a cotton ball soaked in CS on the area and I haven’t had any more episodes of blood poisoning. I’ve also used it for my cat. She is prone to upper respiratory infections especially from stress. I just put 10 drops in her water and it clears up in about a week. When I know she is going to be in a stressful situation I start putting it in her water 3 days before the event.

  22. I started using cs about 5 years ago. We’ve cleared up pink eye, burns, strep, sinus infections, cuts. I like Morningstar Minerals Silver Boost (sold on amazon) because it’s concentrated, so a bottle lasts a long time.
    We live on a farm so I bought a silver generator (from, highly recommended) so I could make enough to treat our livestock. We live a long way from a vet or doctor so anything I can handle myself is helpful.
    I also saw The Blue Guy early into my research. He was drinking A LOT of it, drinking it daily, and drinking an incorrectly made solution. From what I recall, he was making it with salt water, which is a big no no.

  23. It’s not worth the risk for me. I think there are safer alternatives like olive leaf extract. If you’re eating well, and are emotionally healthy, avoiding toxins (especially vaccines-they really mess up your immune system) I think that takes care of a lot of problems.

  24. Kelly, Kim has an excellent point about buying a silver generator. The link she cited is the same one I did, and that site always has some kind of special running on generators. The money you’ll save is enormous if you buy one.
    Silver saved my butt 3 years ago when a bad brunch gave us all food poisoning. The second I realized what I had, I drank a gallon of colloidal silver over the course of an entire day. I fully recovered in 3 days, whereas everyone else was out for almost two weeks. That was the week before Xmas – and I would have had to close my spa otherwise (everyone was sick!).

  25. I can see where Cutler would be concerned, Cheeseslave, and I wouldn’t recommend it for regular internal use because it will depopulate your intestinal flora (in my case, I needed to kill the e coli fast, so I supplemented afterwards with lots of probiotics). For those who want to ingest it, the suggested dose is 2 ounces a day on an empty stomach, so the liquid is absorbed before it reaches the intestines. Too much silver will eventually result in argyria, and deposition of the silver in your tissues – but it takes a LOT of drinking to do that.

  26. Anyone know if it’s safe during pregnancy? I just found out I have a UTI that they want to treat with antibiotics and I’m trying to find a way out. I got that D-mannose and hoping that will do the trick but also heard of colloidal silver. Any advice?

  27. I have used colloidal silver with quite a bit of success. I have put it on my son’s pimples…he only gets one every once in a while. I also took 1 tsp of it three times daily for about 8 days to clear up unpleasant stomach bacteria. My favorite use for it is as a nasal spray…50% boiled water-cooled of course- to 50% 10ppm colloidal silver. I had frequent recurring migraine issues, and since I started using the nasal spray every day they are GONE!!!! I really like this product.

  28. I read in WAPF website, that colloidal silver is ‘ok’ only in emergency situation. IT also talked about people turning blue-green literally/permanently. Also, Toxicologist tell you to not even use silver spoon to eat.

    • We don’t use it a lot, but once in a while when we do it works so well!

      Can you share that link with me please?


  29. I wash my face with coconut oil for my acne. I put on a thin layer and let it sit while I brush my teeth, then wipe my face dry with a warm/hot face cloth, paying particular attention to my oily zones and beling a little lighter on my drier areas. it does wonders for my acne if I remember to do it. When my face clears up I am less vigilant on doing it as often and I break out again..

    intresting about the silver for acne, I might have to give that a shot.

    • Also, the gel version of cortisone is an excellent way if getting rid of acne (without drying the skin). It’s moisturizing and meant to reduce swelling and redness, which is essentially what acne is: a swollen, red bump. I alternate between topically applying CS and using cortisone, which I liberally apply — oh, and if it’s cystic, it helps to apply a lot, wait for it to dry, reapply and then repeat until the swelling goes down; takes less than a day, too, as opposed to a week or even longer. I’ve used a lot of products from Sephora and nothing compares to this regimen. (I get lazy sometimes as well, but as long as you don’t forget to apply for longer than 2-3 days, you should be fine.)

  30. Colloidal silver is a very good, natural antibiotic, among many other things. For those scared about the pigment-altering skin condition, not only would that require one to ingest rather large amounts of it, the CS solution would need to be poorly made and of a much larger particle size. I think the particle issue may have been the root of most reported cases, especially with the massive leaps in technology we have made since then. The maximum recommended amount is 1 teaspoon, three times a day and by ingesting this small amount, you aren’t doing yourself any harm. I discovered it because I am currently waiting for the enrollment period for my workplaces health insurance and am thus not insured at the moment. I have an abscessed tooth and this is working wonders for me. I put a lot of research into colloidal silver to ensure that I wasn’t placing my health at an even bigger risk, and it is quite safe to take. Prior to taking it, I was experienced really terrible pain, swelling that was increasing by the day and several other issues due to the extent of my health problem. The CS has made it go down (it can’t cure an abscessed tooth but I suspect a mild root canal could reap large benefits from this) and it’s been tiding me over until I get coverage. It only took two days for the swelling to go down and the pain to decrease and I am quite pleased so far. I strongly recommend having at least a bottle of this stuff around the house, even if you don’t plan on taking a daily dose. I have a 30PPM one and if you perform a good search, you can find one for super cheap.

  31. I’ve used colloidal silver to treat a chronic epididymis infection. I had it for almost a year. I had the normal scrotum pain , minimal swelling. but also lower abdomen pain . This pain is like what you have when you get kicked in the groin. Yeah… makes you sweat and get sick or nauseated . I’d heard how Silver was a natural antibiotic. I checked to make sure it was OK to use internally. I took one half of a dropper full by mouth once a day. and also (here’s the weird part), inserted the dropper into the urethra like you would a catheter and worked the fluid backwards up into the prostate and bladder with gentle pressure, all the while holding pressure on the tip to prevent the fluid from escaping. My epididymis condition was due to a self contamination from normal bacteria in my urinary track.( The Doc’s only experience was with those who contracted this ” condition ” via STD’s)
    I had already been treated unsuccessfully twice by the same urologist with antibiotics .
    Any man who has had this condition knows how painful this can be. My condition cleared up in about three weeks.. whew such relief! and absolutely no side effects.. Natural Path Silver Wings 250 ppm Colloidal Silver . Oh… by the way I didn’t turn blue. I didn’t have any problems with antibiotic side effects like the times I was treated by the Doc. The Silver cost me $16.00 dollars and worked . the Doc cost me almost 500 dollars (no insurance. Thanks to Obama) and Doc’s remedy didn’t work. Do you think he cared that the Silver worked better than his treatment. No I don’t think so! When I told him what worked he just shrugged and looked at me with an ignorant expression on his face. That is a normal response by a professional when they don’t ” give a D_ _ _ !”

    • Any update is it gone for good sounds like it would hurt inserting directly into the urethra. I would like to try this but I am afraid of getting blue balls :).

  32. How do I get my 2 year old to drink CS? I bought a small bottle from Sprouts Farmers Market and it has very limited instructions on it. It says to take 60 drops with water. I drank some myself with a glass of water and it is very hard to drink, very strong and tastes bad. So, how do I get my 2 year old to drink it? I tried mixing it with gatorade (which he loves) and he wouldn’t touch it. Thanks!

  33. I have a couple of questions. I have 2 second degree burns that happened about 5 days ago. I was prescribed Silvadene. Is it safe to put CS on first then the Silvadene, or should I take it when my Silvadene is done? Also, I have The Colloidal Silver Plus Oral D, can I even use that topically?

  34. Recently one evening my husband was feeling nauseated and having severe stomach cramps (camped out in the bathroom, NOT looking forward to a night of on/off toilet-hugging), believing he may have eaten some “bad” food for lunch and gotten food poisoning. I gave him 1 tsp of 30/ppm colloidal silver in a little water around 10 p.m. He went to bed and slept soundly, reporting in the morning that he felt completely well. No nausea, no vomitting, no nothin’, no sickness during the night. I’m a firm believer in colloidal silver (he is too now), and have found directions on the internet how to make my own at home, using silver rods and a 9-volt battery. It’s super simple, anyone can do it, and is very cost efficient, if one would rather make their own than purchase it ready to use.

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