Earn 50% Commissions as an Affiliate!

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Did you check out the Real Food for Rookies Class yet and watch the “Top Ten” video? There are many reasons there that explain why you’ll want to enroll (be sure to check out the reviews at the bottom of the page!), but even if you decide it’s not for you, surely you know someone who might be interested? Maybe they’re just starting to show an interest in Real Food, or they’ve been ill and you know this is the time to get them into healthier eating.

Well now you can earn money helping to promote the Real Food for Rookies Class and earn money, too, even if you don’t have a blog or website! You can also earn money promoting these Real Food Guides:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I’m in the middle of changing shopping carts, so if you’d like to become an affiliate, the link below is not working, instead email me here: Kelly@KellytheKitchenKop.com

Sign up for the affiliate program here.

Already signed up?  Login here to view your earnings. (Note:  Payments are made once your earnings reach $30.)

Once set up, you can use the “Simple Link” it will give you to promote the class in emails, or to post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you hang out online.  Or if you are promoting the Real Food Guides above or any other page, just add this to the end of the link:  /?AFFID=xxxxx, obviously replacing the x’s with your affiliate code.

You can then start earning 50% commissions  — this can add up fast!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Bloggers: Sign up at that link, and then you can use your affiliate link in posts, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, etc., whatever you can think of.
  • Non-bloggers or anyone without a website: You can sign up to earn money, too! Where it asks for “site Information”, at “website name” enter in “None” or something fake like that. Where it asks for “URL” (this just means the website address), just put in “http://www.none.com” or another fake URL. Where it asks for “Marketing strategy”, it doesn’t matter what you check, but you could just choose “email”. “How do you plan to market our products?” Just check anything. It will ask you for other information like how you want to be paid. Once you’re done, it will give you a “simple link” that you can easily slip into emails or on Facebook and Twitter so you can let friends and family know about the upcoming class.

You can also embed the video from the landing page into your blog or Facebook posts, or Tweets.  (More videos on the promo page.)

I look forward to helping each other, and think it would be fun to cut you some checks as a way to thank you for helping to get the word out about this new class!


I think you’ll like the banners that we’ve finally got done (at the bottom of this page).  Jo-Lynne did the design for me (I love her style!) and then Matt did more design work, the fun animation and other cool effects – he’s so talented!

Note that the ones you see on my Kitchen Kop blog are in flash (and extra cool), but most of you probably can’t run those, so I’ve got all the Gif files below for you to choose from.  There are 4 sizes of the chicken nuggets ad, 4 sizes of the milk ad, 4 sizes of the french fries ad, and 4 sizes of the overwhelmed ad.  Stationary ads are included below also if you prefer those. 🙂


On a Mac:  control, click

On a PC:  right click, save as

To get the most clicks and sales, the above ads are best.  However, if for some reason you want a stationary ad, those are below.