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Can Cavities Really Be *Healed*?

tooth decay

Can we heal tooth decay?

When I first heard about what Real Food can do for our dental health I found it hard to believe. It sounded almost hokey in a way. But then when I read story after story from friends and readers, I finally realized it’s true: We can actually remineralize teeth, and heal cavities naturally! You may have read about this in Rami Nagel’s book, Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition. Now you can watch, listen and read more in a HealTHY Mouth online seminar.

Also, have you seen this post? How to Save $2600 in Dental Bills.

What you’ll learn:

  • That metals used in dental fillings could be a cause of disease in the body.
  • Tooth decay happens mostly because of factors outside our mouths!
  • Steps each of us can take to reverse tooth decay
  • The risks of dental fillings (AND your options if you have ‘silver’ fillings!)
  • The proper technique to have ‘silver’ fillings removed from your mouth
  • Why NOT to use fluoride in your mouth
  • What nutrient you can use in your mouth proven to lower risk of tooth decay
  • Options if you have root canals, crowns or other existing dental
  • How oral health directly impacts whole body health
  • How what’s going on in our mouths may be a major cause of cancer!
  • What each of us can do in our own lives to create positive change!
  • How a simple, old school detox technique can help us live healthier lives
  • Questions to ask a dentist to see if they are sufficiently trained to help us

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Now tell us if YOU have experienced a dental healing with Real Food?!

Be sure to check out my disclaimers.

More Details:

Learn about Fluoride:

~ Steps you can take to reduce your exposure to fluoride
~ How to water a garden to make sure the plants don’t uptake fluoride
from the municipal fluoridated water.
~ Which bottled waters don’t contain fluoride
~ Why eating processed foods may contain significant fluoride in them
~ What popular drink is LOADED with fluoride
(most people consider it healthy!)
~ What you can do to lower the damage that fluoride does in the body
~ What to use in place of toothpaste!

Learn about mercury:

~ What options you have if you are pregnant or nursing and have mercury fillings
~ What products and foods help to detox mercury from the body
~ How to determine if a dental office is really mercury safe!
~ The top 10 ways to detox mercury from the body

Learn about the diet to heal tooth decay:

~ The 2 main foods to eat to reduce our risk of decay by 40%
~ The powerful feedback tool to determine if a food we eat is irritating our immune system or is compatible with our body.
~ The two foods that increase our risk of tooth decay and ill health
~ The formula for how to raise cavity free kids
~ How to analyze a daily diet to determine what we’re missing
~ What foods to make sure we’re eating if we are told we have a cavity

Learn the truth about oral hygiene:

~ What to put on a child’s teeth if they have baby tooth decay to substantially lower the risk of decay (ps, it’s not fluoride!)
~ Why flossing may be causing more harm than good and what to do about it
~ How brushing the teeth helps but is secondary to other more important ways to stop tooth decay!

Learn about holistic oral health:

~ Whether oil pulling will help with oral health issues.
~ What 3 pieces must be in place to live a life free of tooth decay (food is only one!)
~ What minerals may be too high and be causing problems in your mouth
~ How to know if you are detoxing too fast
~ What the color of the tongue says about internal health
~ Why what’s going on in the mouth directly impacts whole body health
~ The simple yet powerful technique to determine if a product will help or harm us

Learn more about popular dental procedures:

~ What are ALL your options if you have a root canal
~ What to do if you are told you need a root canal
~ What options exist if you have crowns with metal in them
~ What questions to ask a dentist to make sure they are actually able to help

Learn about nontoxic, whole-being dentistry:

~ New dental protocols that can help remineralize teeth
~ How to find a dentist that goes for the drill as a last resort!
~ The various methods how we can determine whether a dental filling material is compatible with our unique body chemistry.
~ The role of dental metals in cancer and other diseases (and what to do about it!)
~ Why the sequence we have fillings changed in can have drastic health consequences

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll read more tomorrow.
    Next Wed my very active 7 year old son is going in to the dentist to have a tooth pulled out. It half rotted and broke off and there’s just a piece left. I’m ok with it getting pulled. The tooth next to it has a pretty big hole where it was touching the rotting tooth. It goes almost to the root but isn’t causing any pain for him yet. The dentist is wanting to drill and fill because it’s a back tooth that shouldn’t fall out for another 5 or more years. I talked with her about the dangers of amalgam and composite fillings. She had even heard of the links with ADHD and didn’t think I was crazy with my concerns. She suggested putting in the silver fillings. I’m thinking of doing nothing and upping the FCLO doses. But I don’t want it to continue to rot and cause pain. AH!
    What would you do? Any advice you have would be so appreciated!!!

    • If it was me I’d get the class and the book and not do anything until I researched it more like crazy! That’s great that you’ve got a good dentist who hears you and doesn’t think you’re nuts.

      Take care,

  2. Kelly, Do you know any holistic dentist in Grand Rapids? I’m so sick of normal dentist and need to get my children in to a dentist I trust. Any suggestions?

    • I’m sorry I don’t, but our dentist is super cool about us avoiding Fl treatments and x-rays, etc. Maybe someone else here will respond who knows of one!


    • I had just asked the same question and my friend referred me to Kevin Flood over on Cascade. She said he’s one of the few that can remove amalgam fillings safely. He has a lot of videos on his facebook page about different topics.

  3. Great post. I’ve always been fascinated by the thought that we can actually heal cavities, but have not had the opportunity to try it yet myself. I haven’t had a cavity since i was a teenager and my children are cavity free at this point. I’ve been pretty strict with their diet, though. At some point I’ll have to let go a bit and it may be a different story:)

  4. My son had four cavities. We got one filled and then did nothing with the other three. I started giving my kids cod liver oil and butter oil daily. At his six month appointment, the cavities has not grown at all. After a year, they had vanished. The dentist said she had read that cavities could heal, but she had never seen it. She and her staff were very impressed. Now when I take my kids to the dentist, I refuse fluoride treatment and the dentist actually said our kids do not need it because their teeth look so great. This means so much given that my husband and I both have had extensive dental work.

  5. I have read this book “cure tooth decay” by Ramiel Nagel.I must say this book was an eye opener for me. It was quite upsetting to know that dentists have been cheating on patients by hiding the truth from them that tooth decay is actually caused by lack of proper nutrients in diet and not by bacteria. Since reading the book, I have been a staunch believer of curing tooth decay naturally by eating healthy balanced food. I would recommend this book to everyone who has cavities or is sick and tired of dentists and their treatments. For more information you can also visit this website

  6. Outside of Dr. Price, Dr. Melvin Page, and the experts in this summit, another effective approach exists. Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) has had good success in reversing cavities and other oral problems, such as unhealthy gums. Combining Rami’s protocol with RBTI, people can get better results than if they use only one of these approaches. I wrote a post on one important aspect of RBTI that improves upon Rami’s approach. See

    • This link is spam!!
      I get irritated when people post ads rather than the truth to intimidate folks to buy their stuff….it’s dishonest!!!

  7. I signed up for the summit but found myself knee deep in GAPS intro with a 3yo and 15mo. sooo I have not listened. Smack me…last visit to the dentist in Sept. they told me I had 2 cavities plus I needed to replace the filling that had fallen out of my molar….hmmm…I eat WAPF and now GAPS…perhaps I shall put my appt off again and see if there is any good progress.

  8. I just read just about all I can on this author’s websites. Nearly everything he says, including what he claim’s dentist’s think (like raisins preventing tooth decay…WHAT!?) is false. He makes his argument based off what he claims to know about dentistry, anatomy, physiology, and science – but the problem is he doesn’t actually know anything about the things he claims… It is really sad actually. Most of the research he quotes is from 1920-1940s – really outdated stuff that has since been disproven. Stating bacteria do not cause tooth decay is like saying heart attacks aren’t caused by embolism of a arterial plaque(clot). Your could so, for both the heart and the teeth, that DIET is the cause of the disease. Yes, diet is the cause of the disease but there is a further level of reasoning, poor diet causes increase in ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth causing tooth decay, and bad diet causes inflammation in the arteries, allows a clot to form from the crap one eats, and causes a heart attack.

  9. I follow a Weston A. Pricer from KC who has a homemade toothsoap recipe using soaponified coconut oil she claims has healed cavities. DH has a big nasty I’d like to experiment on, but the party-pooper isn’t open to natural remedies. Must try this on my 6yo who has several fissures. They wanted to do fillings on baby teeth and IMO, as long as he isn’t having any pain, leave ’em alone. I just need to actually do something about healing them. Just hard to when everything is so pricey.

    • Remind me what I said specifically that you’re wondering about?

      I really like Rami’s book and think it’s full of good info.


  10. Oh sorry Kelly! There is a comment above that I thought was yours but have just realized it was someone else commenting via facebook. Thought you were putting Rami’s book down for some reason which wouldn’t make sense at all!!

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