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Which Eggs Should You Buy? Also: Breakfast Eggs Increase Weight Loss 65%


Wonder how to know which eggs you should buy? (Find out more at that link.)

Have you heard that breakfast eggs can increase weight loss?

I can vouch for this story – when I eat an egg (or two) for breakfast, I’m not hungry again for a long time. I always cook it in plenty of butter, shake on some sea salt and pepper, and usually melt a piece of cheese on top, too – NEVER Velveeta or the nasty Kraft “processed cheese food” slices!

Check it out: Breakfast Eggs Increase Weight Loss 65%


  1. I think adding a little fat to the egg is key, as recently I started soft boiling my eggs (easier to do that while getting ready for work than cook one) and it’s not nearly as fulfilling!

  2. Hi Kelly!

    My dad raises chickens for eggs – I’m trying to locate a soy free chicken feed for him. They graze on grass and bugs but he’s always supplemented with feed. I guess I’m just confused on the grain-fed thing re: eggs. We’ve replaced our meat to grass-fed but haven’t gotten there w/ chicken eggs just yet! Any thoughts?

    Thank you!!

    • Wow, AJ, you came across an old post here! :)

      I’ll forward your email to a friend who raises chickens and hopefully she can tell you more.


    • OK, here’s the scoop from my friend:

      “Hi Kel!
      There are plenty of mills that now offer soy-free chicken feed (mine is from Modesto Mills, but I imagine they mainly supply Northern California; I’m not sure how big their distribution area is). Because of the cost of shipping, they’re regional in nature, so I have no idea what’s available near this reader’s dad. I’d try googling “soy-free chicken feed” + the location and see what pops up. Also try asking the local feed store to order some. They may resist at first, but the more this person agrees to buy regularly, the more willing they’ll be to cooperate. They may be able to team up with other chicken-keepers in the area to pool an order. If fact if there are enough like-minded people around and the feed store won’t cooperate, they could pool an order directly to a mill or major distributor. Without knowing where this person is, I can’t be any more specific.
      One more thing, if they live near an Azure Standard drop point, they can order soy-free feed from them, I know they carry it. Sadly, they won’t deliver to our area.
      Jeanmarie” p.s. Here is her wonderful blog:

  3. For the past year I have eaten an egg sandwich everyday, no fail, and love it because it slow burning so it gives a ton of energy which I need I have a very high pace job and all around I have high energy levels. So I don’t get hungry as quickly and I haven’t gained weight. And I don’t take and cholesterol medications or anything really (well except allergy meds, where I live everyone takes them)

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