Best Baby Foods

Best Baby Foods

Have you seen the below posts about the best baby foods?  


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    Thanks for the inclusion! It can be hard to feel like you’re feeding your child well and properly when information (mostly contradictory) is coming at you from all different angles.

    Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen

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    My ‘baby’ is 12 now and I still feel flashes of guilt wondering if I fed her well when she was new. It feels like there is more information and more choices now than there was in the late ’90s. Not sure if that makes it easier or tougher for new moms. Blogs like yours (and the ones you compiled above) are certainly a huge help.

    Kitty Krueger

  3. Kelly says

    Kitty, my baby is 17 and I have the same flashes of guilt. But they’re only flashes, because I was just doing what I was told by my doctor. (If only I’d had someone who could help me through those first weeks breastfeeding I wouldn’t have had to put him on the nasty commercial formulas!) I just wish at the time I didn’t blindly follow everything my doc said and instead do my own research! I can’t change it now, I can only hope we switched our eating habits in time, and that he *eventually* gets all the way on board with us and chooses well after he moves out someday…

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    Kelly, this is such an important topic. Here in the south, babies are still weaned on Coca Cola, and I see so many children where I work who subsist on only processed, sugar and corn-based foods. It is essential to start early, and young moms often need guidance. Thanks for putting it all together!

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