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An Embarrassing Confession, Why the Missing Jet is so Hard to Find, Myths about Anxiety, and More in Today’s Monday Morning Mix-Up 3/17/2014

French FriesHappy St. Patrick’s Day!

We celebrated yesterday by having friends over for Reuben sandwiches with corned beef from the farm, cole slaw (my own dressing of course), and homemade French fries!

Here’s what I found for you today…

  • Prepare to SCRATCH! This is a short video of when our daughter had lice, so you can see what they look like. I didn’t think we’d survive the ordeal, but we did, and without the dangerous chemicals! Click here to read how we got rid of lice naturally. And watch the icky video here:

  • Last week was the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ papacy, and even if you’re not Catholic, you’ve got to love this video of the Dominican Sisters at the Ann Arbor, Michigan house who were in the middle of recording their first album when they heard the news that there was white smoke… Their reaction is really fun to watch. (Thanks Conversion Diary/Jennifer Fulwiler for sharing it! Don’t forget to pre-order Jen’s book, which is finally coming out soon!)

  • grainfreeclassSALES SALES SALES! Here are a few classes/books from my blogging friends on sale this month:
  • SimplySaladsBySeason.530Almost farmers market time again!!! Want to know how to take advantage of all the in-season, local, beautiful fruits and vegetables available from your local farmers? Tired of picking up bottles of salad dressing with ingredients labels that read like chemistry texts? Saddened by how even so-called organic dressings still contain unhealthy refined oils like canola and soy? Click here to get Simply Salads e-book from Kristen at Food Renegade35% off with code SPRINGFUN.
  • Tired of dealing with exhaustion, stress, poor digestion, cold feet and mood swings? Do you want to finally wake up rested instead of exhausted? Ready to end the cycle of restrictive diets? Do you want to find out how to exercise the smart way that boosts your metabolic health? The-Nourished-Metabolism-Hardcover-SingleClick here to get The Nourished Metabolism — 50% off with code MARCH50.
  • OK, this one is kind of dumb, but yet fun! Mine was “green stack of books” – Share yours in the comments (come on, it’ll be fun!) or here in the Facebook conversation. :)


  • Here’s one I knew you’d love on parenting


  • You guys are really going to think I’m nuts when you read this one… Don’t tell anyone, okay? Once I was on my way up North alone, to my aunt and uncle’s house in Traverse City, and there was a loooooooong stretch of road and it was very dark and late and I’d had coffee, a lot of it, because I get sleepy when I drive. You probably know where this is going… Well I’ve never admitted it to anyone, except my sisters who thought I was NUTS: I went in a diaper that I found in the van — I HAD to do it, don’t judge me! Then the other day I found out about these little doohickys, which apparently are actually pretty popular. (I’m not so weird after all, people!) It seems to be split between the “Go Girl” and the “Shewee“, and a few others. And they’re not just for you gals who get yourself in a predicament like I tend to do. Whether you’re camping this summer, or can’t find a clean public bathroom, or maybe you’re like my friend who uses them when she’s traveling overseas in places without good restroom facilities, these things could be really handy. I’m just not sure if my brain would let me go standing up… Anyway, hopefully I’m not grossing anyone out with all this talk on a Monday morning, lol!

  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)


  1. I recently read an article that said a huge percentage of lice that were tested in Canada were resistant to the over the counter lice products. You could use them multiple times and they would never kill the lice and only super expose the victim to harsh and possibly dangerous chemicals.

    A good reason to use more natural insecticides,

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