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Alton Brown on Why Grass Fed is Best!

grass fed steaks

Love grass fed steaks? Wonder what the big deal is with grain fed vs. grass fed?

Here’s a quick tutorial to brush up on your ‘Why Grass-Fed is Healthiest and Tastiest” facts…

  • So tell us, have you been able to totally make the switch to all pastured meats yet?


  1. Is the Alton Brown video part of a full-length show? If so, which episode? Every year I get a side of beef from a farmer who lives about 5 miles away. The cattle graze in the fields in her farm for most of their lives, but she does finish them on grain for the last couple of months. They still roam around in the pasture as much as they normally would, but she just gives them access to grain. There are other farmers in the area that are 100% grass, but they are much more expensive and they don’t sell in bulk, like this farmer does. This seems to be the best compromise.

    The problem with getting pastured chickens is that I can only get them whole. I get them from this same farmer, but I often just want boneless breasts or thighs. I’ve been getting Coleman organic chicken at Costco. I honestly don’t know how good it is, though.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Alton Brown is my favorite chef of all time, and it just made my day finding out he supports grass-fed meat! He’s a chef, a scientist, a health-nerd…He just gets better, and better. Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

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