Monday Morning Mix-Up 3/11/2013 – Big Announcement, Tips on Going Dairy-free, Bottling Homemade Kefir Soda Pop, 142# Weight Loss, and More!

March 11, 2013 · 0 comments

healthy_life_summit_logo_soloGood morning readers, I have big news today:  We’re announcing the 2013 Healthy Life Summit, and you aren’t going to believe the awesome line up of speakers Ann Marie has set to go!  (I’m one of them, but there are people WAY more cool than me in on this…)  Real food rock stars like Joel Salatin, Chris Kresser, Chris Kerston, Sally Fallon, Jeffrey Smith, Julia Ross, Donna Gates, Kaayla Daniel, Mark McAfee, Birke Baehr, and SO many more I don’t even have room to list them all!  CLICK HERE for all the scoop and learn how you can sign up now to LISTEN FREE the week of March 24th, or pre-order to listen to the entire online virtual conference anytime you want (in your pajamas if you prefer) and save 75% during this promo period.

The categories you’ll learn about from 35 different health experts, authors, doctors, bloggers, farmers and activists speakers are:

  1. Healthy Babies and Kids
  2. Healthy World
  3. Healthy Living
  4. Healthy Eating
  5. Healthy Body

Click here to sign up now – it’s FREE!

On to the links I have for you today…

  • What are you planting in your garden this year? Need to know where to get organic seeds? Click here!milkface
  • Look at the crap they want to sneak into our milk now…  “The dairy industry has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to change their rules governing what is allowed to be put in milk and other dairy products. The industry’s main goal is to be able to add synthetic sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose (Splenda), and other such chemicals, to dairy products without having to tell the consumer.”  Read more.
  • Why you may NOT need to be on the GAPS Diet from Cara.  “If your baby isn’t meeting his milestones as fast as his cousin, that’s also not something to start GAPS over.  If your teenager has gotten really thin this past year as he’s also grown 6 inches taller, go ahead and see if his body mass catches up.  If your toddler still isn’t really talking much and he’s 2, first check to make sure he isn’t SO BUSY trying to climb everything that talking isn’t a priority in his life at the moment.  If you have mild GAPS symptoms (some seasonal allergies, food sensitivities  minor digestive issues) you may want to start with something low key like taking homemade milk kefir daily, which can help ‘plug’ a leaky gut with beneficial cultures.  You can always look up other less time and energy intense ways you could correct health problems and then try them prior to starting GAPS.  I don’t want people thinking that if anything is ever wrong with them, they absolutely have to spend 2 years on the GAPS diet.”
  • Were you keeping up on all the controversy over my posts last week on drinking alcohol while pregnant?  Here is the first one where I say you *can* drink a little when pregnant, and then a follow up where I explain how my thinking changed
  • Wait’ll you guys see THIS one, one of our new VGN bloggers lost 142# (and he was featured on Huffington Post)!!!

lost weight

  • Some interesting Facebook discussions this week that you might like:
    • We had a great speaker at our local WAPF meeting last week:  Kathryn Doran-Fisher – a local GAPS Diet practitioner.  Here are a few of her interesting comments and the Facebook discussions sparked from them were very interesting:  here, here, here, here and here.  Or just visit my FB page and scroll down to March 5th to see them all.  (Here’s my post with info on the GAPS Diet.)
    • Tips on going dairy-free.
    • From Mommypotamus: “My Son Ate Some Laundry Detergent - Being the kind, thoughtful mother than I am, I handed him a glass of water to wash it down. That, folks, is the beauty of making your own non-toxic cleaning supplies.”
  • kefir soda bottlingThis is our son helping me bottle our kefir soda pop the other day.  (And here’s the link for the person who asked what kind of bottle capper I use for our kefir soda.)  Here’s where to find starters for water kefir/kefir soda, dairy kefir, yogurt, sourdough and more!
  • Also a reader asked what kind of baking sheets I use:  here’s a post I wrote on my favorites.
  • Now, an unrelated-to-food video you’ve got to see about a young man injured while serving our country and his amazingly loyal and faithful girlfriend – this is from my my friend, Doris’, site:  Click here to watch.


  • I’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday!  (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)
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